Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Birthday Girl/Geburtstagskind

Happy 12th birthday, Charlotte!

Alles Gute zum 12. Geburtstag, Charlotte!


  1. Ein Hurra auf das Geburtstagskind!! Alles Gute, und mögest du auf allen deinen Wegen so strahlend lächeln wie hier an deinem Ehrentag!!

  2. She looks so happy : D Happy Belate Birdthday!

    I'm curious, is there a special meaning to the candle holders in the round or that they're not in a cake?

  3. Hello Jenny,

    Thanks for your wishes. The candle holders are very common in Germany. They come in a ring with twelve holes. Each year you add one more candle, the empty spaces are filled with little gnomes, elves, etc. You also have a "life light" in the middle of the ring, i.e. a large candle. Germans normally don't have a birthday cake with candles, in fact we don't necessarily have a birthday cake at all, just some special treat for tea time (which could be a cake or cookies or fruit with nuts). Nova Naturals sells a 16 hole ring. The Wooden Wagon also sells different versions. I had a ring like this as a child and am happy to pass this tradition on to my children.

  4. happy birthday to you and your beautiful girl. she just glows. what a special day :)

  5. What a beautiful young lady! Birthday blessings to Charlotte.

  6. Thank you, Alexandra. When you wrote "young lady," I thought, it's true, she is not a little girl any more. Time has really flown.


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