Monday, July 12, 2010

Unfortunately, No Video Today!/Leider kein Video heute!

I tried to upload Jonathan's second video, but the server could not load it.  I don't know what the problem is, but I've had problems with uploading videos on Blogger in the past.  So no video today.  Jonathan started Das fliegende Klassenzimmer.  So far he likes it.  We also studied different temperatures in North America, different levels of precipitation, and different growing seasons.  All this will go into his main lesson book. 

Charlotte and I read about the War of Independence here in New York.  She then started a table that compares the French Indian War with the War of Independence.  Charlotte's raised bed is also showing some growth: peas and radishes are growing.

Miriam picked up a book about saints and animals (she'll be in second grade in the fall) she found on the shelf today and read it to Veronika.  It's called Saint Brigid and the Cows (Easy reading books of saints and friendly beasts)

Flora ate lots of sour cherries today. 

Ich habe versucht, Jonathans zweites Video hochzuladen, aber das Programm Blogger hat es nicht angenommen.  Woran es liegt, weiß ich nicht, aber ich habe schon öfter Probleme mit Videos und Blogger gehabt. 

Das fliegende Klassenzimmer. ( Ab 10 J.).Jonathan hat heute Das fliegende Klassenzimmer angefangen.  Bisher gefällt es ihm ganz gut.  Wir haben uns auch mit dem Klima in Nord- und Mittelamerika beschäftigt (Temperatur, Niederschläge, Wachstumsperioden).  Unsere Studien werden ins Heft geschrieben. 

Charlotte und ich haben über den Unabhängigkeitskrieg hier in New York State gelesen.  Sie hat dann angefangen, eine Tabelle zu schreiben, die den Unhabhängigkeitskrieg mit dem Französisch-Indianischen Krieg vergleicht.  Charlottes Hochbeet zeigt die ersten Ergebnisse. 

Miriam hat sich heute ein Buch über die heilige Brigida und ihre Kühe vom Regal genommen und es Veronika vorgelesen.  In der zweiten Klasse werden wir uns intensiv mit Heiligen, aber auch mit Fabeln beschäftigen. 

Flora hat heute viele Sauerkirschen gegessen.  Sie kann auch "Sauerkirschen" sagen! 

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  1. Thank you for all the wonderful links to be found on your site. While I don't teach using the Waldorf method, I loved visiting many sites and reacquaiting myself with the things I loved most about it. I will be incorporating some things I rediscovered in our little school at home. Actually I already have much to the confusion of my 10 year old and the delight of my almost 5 year old :)


  2. You're very welcome, Marlis. What kind of method are you using?

  3. Really eclectic. I am not using any particular method. I went to several different schools as a child and each had its advantages and limitations. I teach my children which ever way gets the information to them. We read lots, watch educational tv (history channel, Planet Earth, etc). We do hands-on where practical. My goal is less about drumming information into them and memorizing and more about igniting a love of learning and knowledge and letting them take it from there. Last year was our pilot year and I learned a lot. Originally the plan was to only do this for a year to give my daughters' overtaxed imune system a chance to calm down. She is severely allergic. But it worked so well that we decided to continue with her for another year for sure and for the next 3-4 years with my son because he is now ruined for public school. He ( almost 5 years old) does 1st grade math and some second is learning to read and would be bored into mischief at a public school. Besides, I have seen what public schools offer and I cannot in good conscience send my children there before they have a strong foundation.

  4. Hi Eva, I had a question, I've been trying for months now to figure out how to put a list of books on my blog like you have. Can you help?

    Thanks :)

  5. Hello Marlis,

    Thanks for your reply. Your approach doesn't sound so different from mine, I guess mine is more Waldorf influenced in when to teach what.

    Now to your question, are you looking for a way to write a list of books, or a list with pictures?

    To get the latter you have to go to your settings page, click on "add a gadget" and look for "picture." To paste in the URL of a book, you need to register at Amazon's Associates program (it's free). You want the "links and banners" category. You can enter any book and will get the information you need. It took me a long time to figure it all out!

    If you just want a list of books, you have to add the gadget "List." Please let me know if you have more questions.

    I visited your blog today, and look forward to learning something about you. How did you find my blog?

  6. Marlis, I just noticed that you have to go to your "design" page, not your "settings" page. Sorry for the confusion!

  7. Oh, thanks for the info. I used Shelfari but I don't like the look of it. I'll try your method. It looks much cleaner.

    Hmm, how did I find your blog. I believe it was through a Homeschool Story. I know the author and have followed her blog since last year. She is a lovely lovely person and her kids are awesome.


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