Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Still Hot/Immer noch heiß

Die RegentrudeWhen it gets hot as it is right now, I tell the children that the "Rain Maiden" is sleeping and the "Fire Man" is ruling on earth.  These names are taken from Theodor Storm's Die Regentrude, but unfortunately, I'm not sure if there is an English translation.  It's a lovely story for older children in which a young girl wakes up the "Rain Maiden" and saves her village from a drought. 

Immer wenn es ganz heiß wird, lese ich den Kindern Storms Regentrude vor.  Heute haben wir beim Abendbrot damit angefangen und die Geschichte läßt die Hoffnung auf kühlere Temperaturen und Regen nicht verdorren. 

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  1. He's certainly ruling the earth here, too. :) Whew! It's been nearly 100F. I'd love a visit from the Rain Maiden, and so would my flowers.


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