Wednesday, January 3, 2018

The Unhurried Homeschooler

I am reading The Unhurried Homeschooler right now.  Our library branch had this book on their new books display.  It is a short book and easy to read.  Check out the author's blog here.

Tonight, Veronika was doing much better.  She had been so miserable the last three weeks, but tonight her true self was showing itself again and she is not coughing constantly anymore.  She has to take her medicine for a week.  Unfortunately, Flora went to bed with a fever.  I guess we are still in the middle of winter illnesses.   

Ich lese im Moment ein kurzes, aber gutes Buch über Homeschooling.  Die Autorin hat auch einen Blog.  

Veronika ging es heute abend zum ersten Mal seit drei Wochen wieder besser, sie hustet auch nicht mehr so viel.  Sie muß ihre Medizin eine Woche nehmen.  Leider hat sich Flora mit Fieber ins Bett gelegt.  Es ist wirklich wie verhext hier.    


  1. So pleased that Veronika is feeling better but boo that Flora is unwell :-( I have had a cough since the start of the week and it has left me feeling nauseous today. I have that book on my kindle app so will join you in finally getting round to reading it! I managed to make a start on homeschool planning this week, so i'm hoping that when we start next week it won't be too traumatic for all concerned!!! ;-) x x

    1. Flora is here next to me, still with a fever and not doing well. Jonathan was put on antibiotics for his cough. I hope we did not send you our coughs! I am sorry that you also got one. I am almost done with the book. I like it. It has not told me a lot of new things, but it was nice to read that other people are doing similar things to what we have been doing and their children turned out fine. I have not started homeschool planning myself. Right now I am writing my syllabi and Peter is about to leave for a conference. I might delay our homeschool start here, especially with the illness.


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