Monday, October 23, 2017

Old Testament and Physics/Altes Testament und Physik

Veronika is discovering what kind of sounds glasses make when filled with different amounts of water during her physics time.

Veronika findet in Physik heraus, was für Geräusche Wassergläser machen, die mit unterschiedlich viel Wasser gefüllt sind.  

Flora is creating watercolor paintings of the days of Creation.
Flora malt Wasserfarbbilder zu den Schöpfungstagen in der Bibel.

Miriam and Charlotte have finished Antigone and are now studying comedies.  We will read "The Imaginary Invalid" by Molière.  Today, they learned about some background of Molière, by listening to this German audio file and also watching the following German video.  There seems to be more German materials about Molière than English ones.

Miriam und Charlotte haben "Antigone" fertig.  Jetzt lernen sie etwas über Komödien.  Als Beispiel werden sie Den eingebildeten Kranken von Molière lesen.  Zur Einstimmung haben sie heute diese Radiosendung auf Deutsch gehört und dann den folgenden Vortrag angeschaut.  

Jonathan had his philosophy midterm exam today.  I wonder how it went.  He had lots of students asking him to study with him for it.

Jonathan hat heute eine Philosophieklausur geschrieben.  Ich weiß noch nicht, wie sie war.  Er hat aber viele Komilitonen gehabt, die mit ihm dafür üben wollten.  

My German students are learning about pieces of clothing, the accusative case, and colors.
Meine Deutschstudenten lernen im Moment etwas über Kleidungsstücke, den Akkusativ und Farben.

Peter will start teaching a class on Martin Luther this week.  At the end of the class later this year, they will travel to Germany and look at some of the important places connected with Martin Luther.

Peter fängt diese Woche mit einem Seminar über Martin Luther an.  Später im Semester macht er dann mit den Studenten einen Ausflug zu den Orten, die im Leben Martin Luthers eine wichtige Rolle gespielt haben.  

It is very windy outside, hopefully we will not lose power.
Draußen ist es sehr windig.  Hoffentlich fällt der Strom nicht aus. 


  1. We are hoping to work on our creation paintings later this week. We are in for non stop rain today :-(.

    1. We have been having rain for over a day now with a flash flood warning and lots of water in our local creek. We finished the paintings and have moved on to other Bible stories.

  2. Genau, heuer ist ja das 500. Jahr der Reformation. Bei Meran im Schloss Tirol läuft gerade eine Martin Luther Ausstellung, John wird sie demnächst mit der Klasse besuchen.

    1. Ja, sogar einige Amerikaner wissen etwas von dem 500. Jahrestag der Reformation. Bei meinen Eltern ist morgen schulfrei! Hoffentlich gefällt John die Ausstellung.

  3. I enjoyed an article about Martin Luther in the New Yorker this week! He was a very interesting person :)

    Flora's creation watercolors are lovely!

    I have the Imaginary Invalid out and will try to read it also! I'll have to try and find the English speaking videos, however :)

    It sounds like the other students are finding Jonathan inspiring to work with! It's wonderful to be curious about the world and strive to do well in one's classes. Did he like his teacher and the Philosophy class? Philosophy was always one of my favorite subjects.

    1. I sent Peter a link to the article. Maybe he can use it for his students. Thanks for the tip!

      Thanks for your nice words about her paintings. She painted some funny birds for the creation of the birds. She loves to add details.

      I have not found any free videos of "The Imaginary Invalid" in English. I did find one in German, but there are better ones, but you need to buy them. One is in French, but I have not found it with subtitles. I remember seeing a very good production on German TV once, but I cannot recall which one it was.

      I think Jonathan has become a "teacher" for some of his fellow students. He does like his philosophy teacher a lot. He thinks it is an interesting class and the professor makes them read a lot of primary texts.


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