Tuesday, October 3, 2017


Last week, Flora made a water clock to see how the people in Ancient Greece measured time.  We poked a hole into the bottle and measured and marked the water level every 30 minutes.

Letzte Woche hat Flora eine Wasseruhr gebastelt, um zu sehen, wie die alten Griechen Zeit gemessen haben.  Wir haben ein Loch in die Flasche gestochen und den Wasserstand alle 30 Minuten gemessen und markiert.  

At the GCV&M, we went to take a close look at an old clock.  You can hear it chime here
Im Freilichtmuseum haben wir uns diese alte Uhr näher angesehen.  Hier kann man sie schlagen hören.


  1. That was fun to hear! It's amazing what one can find online!

    I never thought about what they used in Ancient Greece for telling time . .

    1. That is true, what would we do without the internet :). I guess one kind of thinks that the ancient people did not tell time :).


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