Saturday, October 28, 2017


On Thursday, there was a birthday in our house.  There was no time to celebrate, but I did cook the requested meal: Spaghetti with meat-tomato sauce.  

Am Donnerstag gab es bei uns einen Geburtstag.  Es gab keine Zeit zum Feiern, aber ich habe das Wunschessen gekocht: Spaghetti mit Fleischtomatensauce.  

On Friday, Charlotte received her first present: A visit to two modern operas called The Old Maid and the Thief and The Telephone.  Two of my German students were some of the main singers.    

Am Freitag hat Charlotte ihr erstes Geschenk bekommen: einen Besuch für zwei moderne Opern und zwar Das Telefon oder Die Liebe zu Dritt und Die alte Jungfer und der Dieb.  Zwei meiner Deutschstudenten haben die Hauptrollen gesungen.  

And today, in between chores and an invitation to supper by friends from church, we did manage to open presents.

Und heute haben wir es dann geschafft, zwischen Putzen und einer Einladung zum Abendessen, Geschenke aufzumachen.

 Hoch soll sie leben!

 18 years old
18 Jahre alt

 Veronika made this bobbin lace bookmark!
Veronika hat dieses Lesezeichen geklöppelt!

 A little souvenir from the Keats House in London (Hampstead).
Ein kleines Andenken an das Keats Haus in London (Hampstead).

Flora drew a picture of herself and Charlotte.
Flora hat sich selbst und Charlotte gemalt.  


  1. Happy Birthday to Charlotte :) and to you too, Eva. I've been craving spaghetti with meat sauce, also. Perhaps it's the cooler air that's finally moving in. A special meal helps to make a special day. The operas look very interesting! And, the birthday gifts are lovely! How nice to have a memento from London (I have a gift put away for Chanda's birthday from the Navajo reservation!), and Veronika's bookmark and Flora's drawing show much love and care in their workmanship :) Veronika is a talented lace maker. I hope you are having a cozy Sunday. It's raining here, and we're doing quiet activities. Love to all of you, xo, Dorina

    1. Thanks so much! She was almost born in the hallway because there was not room in the hospital! It is cold here right now and we just got a "private" flooding alert sent from the county. I hope we will keep our power. The creek was very high this morning. At least, we live on a hill. The operas were interesting. I liked the second one with the phone better. I had one student in each one of them. I had never heard of the composer before. Charlotte was happy to receive the necklace. She had pointed out how pretty it was when we visited the house. Too bad Morgana did only see it from the outside. So wonderful you also bought a gift from your trip for Chanda. She will love it, I am sure. Veronika is really amazing in her ability to do bobbin lacing. She e-mails with her teacher and just sits down and does it. She finished the bookmark in less than a week. Flora's picture was cute, I thought. Now I need to still plan my main lessons. I am done with the German preparations. We had a surprise visitor this afternoon. Our neighbor brought by an older man who has traveled in Germany a lot an also lived there. He wanted to meet us and speak German to us. His German was amazing! He knew so much about places here and in Germany and about life in general, he was a pleasure to talk to.

  2. Happy Birthday Charlotte, it has been fun watching you and your siblings growing up, albeit from the other side of the pond! Looks like you had a really lovely birthday and your necklace is quite beatuiful. May you continue to be blessed in all that you do. San xxxx

    1. Thanks so much, San! Another "big" person in the family. So hard to believe she used to be my first little girl. I still have to make her a cake, though, but I have no idea when!

  3. Herzliche Glückwünsche! Was für hübsche und besondere Geschenke!

  4. Happy Birthday! Auch schon 18! Volljährig (hier in der CH). Ja, manchmal bleibt nicht viel Zeit am richtigen Geburtst-Tag, aber nachher habt ihr das ja toll nachgefeiert.

    1. Hier ist man erst in einigen Dingen volljährig, wenn man 18 wird. Der große Geburtstag für die jungen Leute hier ist der 21. Danke für die Geburtstagsgrüße! Jetzt müssen wir nur noch einen Kuchen backen . . . .


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