Monday, May 22, 2017

Breddorf and Petunias/Breddorf und Petunien

Last week, we visited a small village, called Breddorf.  Some of Dorina's relatives are from here.

Letzte Woche waren wir in Breddorf, wo einige von Dorinas Vorfahren herstammen.


 Men that died in WWI

 Men that died in WWII

 Old oak tree planted in 1883 to celebrate Luther's 400th birthday.

Dorina's grandmother was two years old when this oak tree was planted.  Maybe she watched the people plant it.

Dorinas Großmutter war zwei Jahre alt, als diese Eiche gepflanzt wurde.  Vielleicht hat sie zugeschaut, als sie gepflanzt wurde.

 There used to be pitfalls for wolves here.

 Town hall

Breddorf is 775 years old.

In the afternoon, my mother, Veronika, Miriam, and Flora planted petunias.
Am Nachmittag haben meine Mutter, Veronika, Miriam und Flora Petunien gepflanzt.



  1. Hello Eva, I love seeing all these photos. Thanks so much for taking them! I wish I knew my family history better. I'll forward this to my cousin, and we can try and figure things out. German cemeteries are just gorgeous and cozy. Does the town take care of them? Or do the families?

    I like to think that my grandmother did see the tree being planted!

    The petunias are lovely and I like their earthy and sweet aroma. The girls did a good job planting with Oma. The flower box overflows with color :)

    1. I should have taken more photos, but we were kind of rushed. I don't think Breddorf has a town center and it does not have a church. The name probably means "broad village." There was a public outdoor pool somewhere, though, past the cemetery, but we only saw a sign for it. I was surprised how man new houses have been built recently. It must be thriving village. I will continue my research and hopefully we can piece things together. I do have the church that those families must have attended. They should have old records.

      Yes, the town and also the families take care of the cemeteries. It is a matter of pride to have a well-maintained cemetery. They are so inviting and peaceful, like a park.

      I do think your grandmother must have been there when they planted the oak. Events like that were important for everybody and the whole village went :).

      The flower boxes look very pretty when approaching the house. I should take one more picture tomorrow before we have to leave.

    2. Thank you! It's so wonderful how everyone takes care of things, much more so than here.

    3. I think there is a stronger sense of feeling connected to your deceased loved ones in Germany than here in the U.S.


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