Sunday, May 28, 2017


Flora and Miriam bought this hanging basket for me during the annual flea market put on by the fire department.  They bought them from the Amish family we used to buy milk from (they don't sell milk anymore).  The wife of our French professor told me today how happy this family was to see Miriam and Flora.
Flora und Miriam haben diese Blumen für mich während des alljährlich wiederkehrenden Flohmarktes der Feuerwehr gekauft.  Die Blumen stammen von unserer Amischfamilie, bei der wir früher Milch gekauft haben (sie verkaufen jetzt keine Milich mehr).  Die Frau unseres Französischprofessors hat mir heute gesagt, wie glücklich die Amischfamilie war, Miriam und Flora zu sehen.    

Veronika and Miriam have been very busy doing yard work.
Veronika und Miriam haben fleißig im Garten gearbeitet.

Das eigene Beet bepflanzen


  1. Welcome Home Eva :) I thought I had posted these words a day or so ago, but maybe not. How is Julius? Can you put up a picture of him? He must be so happy to see you. It's wonderful to see the girls gardening and all settled in. Was your house in good condition? It's always nice to come back to a clean home. It must feel a little strange! You've been to so many places and have been visiting with so many different family members and friends! I love the feeling of being home again after a long time away.

    1. Thanks so much! No, I did not see any other welcome comments. I hope I did not accidentally delete them! Julius is fine, all neighbors tell us he is a changed cat since our return: much happier and more relaxed.
      The house was in good condition, just the "mice" spots must have escaped the student's eyes. They had eaten the soap (of course) and had also taken apart all Q-tips in one of the bathroom drawers. That was quite a sight. I do have to clean a bit in the rooms that were not occupied, just in places like under the beds. But all in all it was a pleasure to come home. And we are glad to be back home, to have our own things, to live our own lives. Staying with so many people and trying to respect all the different ways of living is not always easy.

    2. Yes, it's so nice to relax in one's own home after being so careful when visiting :)

      It's very funny about the mice spots! I bet they didn't miss you!

    3. No, the mice knew where to find the good stuff and they are normally very quiet about it. I guess Julius did not notice them either. Right now we are dealing with an ant invasion in the kitchen. We hope that it will clear up soon.


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