Thursday, October 13, 2016

Walk with Veronika/Spazierang mit Veronika

This morning I gave my two exams and had a short chat with the retired French professor about our faucets.  He was the one who gave Peter the names of the different plumbers we could try.  He was glad that our faucets had been finally fixed.  That is one thing about a small college town that people really look out for each other and do care about you.  

Heute morgen habe ich meine beiden Klausuren gegeben und mich kurz mit dem pensionierten Französischprofessor über unsere Wasserhähne unterhalten.  Peter hatte von ihm die Namen der Klempner bekommen, die wir noch probieren konnten und von denen dann einer ja geklappt hat.  Ein Vorteil eines so kleinen Collegedorfes ist es, daß sich hier die Menschen wirklich umeinander kümmern.

After lunch, I picked up two more dancers and drove them, Veronika, Charlotte, and Jonathan to ballet.  Miriam volunteered to stay at home and to take care of Flora because Peter is gone.  They had a wonderful time, played outside and Miriam showed Flora how to make butter out of cream.  I dropped Veronika off at the studio and then continued on to the library where everybody studied, well, I graded.  When Veronika's class was over, we all walked to the studio to trade places.  Veronika came with me, the others stayed for pilates, ballet, and pointe.  Veronika and I took a short walk and then went back to the library.  It was chilly, but the sun was out.  Tonight Peter called from Atlanta  to say hi.  He is participating in the Free Market Forum put on by Hillsdale College.

Grading exams
Korrigieren von Klausuren

Walking with Veronika
Mit Veronika spazieren gehen

Nach dem Mittagessen habe ich noch zwei weitere Tänzerinnen abgeholt und sie zusammen mit Veronika, Charlotte und Jonathan zum Ballett gefahren.  Miriam ist freiwillig als Kindermädchen für Flora zu Hause geblieben, da Peter nicht zum Aufpassen (oder Fahren) einsatzfähig war.  Die beiden haben draußen gespielt und Miriam hat Flora gezeigt, wie man Butter aus Sahne macht.  Ich habe Veronika beim Ballettstudio rausgelassen und bin mit den anderen weiter zur Bücherei gefahren.  Alle haben dort gelernt, ich habe aber meine Klausuren korrigiert.  Nachdem Veronikas Klasse zu Ende war, sind wir zum Studio gegangen, um Plätze zu tauschen.  Veronika ist mit mir gegangen, und die anderen Tänzer haben sich mit Pilatesübungen, Ballett und Spitzentanz (letzteres nicht Jonathan) vergnügt.  Veronika und ich sind ein wenig spazieren gegangen, bevor wir uns wieder in die Bücherei gesetzt haben.  Es war ziemlich kühl, aber sonnig.  Heute abend hat Peter aus Atlanta angerufen.  Er nimmt dort an einem Wirtschaftsforum teil, das von Hillsdale College organisiert wird.    

Old house
Altes Haus

Tomorrow, Jonathan, Charlotte, and "Clara" will practice their Nutcracker parts.  Charlotte will practice Spanish and Jonathan and his partner will practice the Nutcracker and Clara parts.  I will just drive them there, but "Clara's" mother will drive them back.

Morgen haben Jonathan, Charlotte und "Clara" Nußknackerproben.  Charlotte übt den spanischen Tanz und Jonathan mit seiner Partnerin die Rollen vom Nußknacker und Clara.  Ich muß die drei aber nur hinfahren, "Claras" Mutter holt sie wieder ab.      

Two pictures from Peter's hotel:
Zwei Fotos von Peters Hotel: 




  1. It looks like a very fancy and modern hotel!

    I'm glad you don't have to stay the whole time at ballet today. It's nice to be home to get some things accomplished, though it's also nice that Miriam is old enough to be with Flora :)

    1. Yes, that was convenient, although the other mother forgot she was supposed to pick them up. She sent her sister then to pick them up.

      Yes, now I have three babysitters here at home. I also left Veronika, Miriam, and Flora at home when driving Jonathan, Charlotte, and Heidi Friday evening. That did not go so well, though. Somehow, with Veronika in the mix, there was too much bickering. But I was not gone for long and they were glad when I was back. There was a beautiful, beautiful moon-rise over Letchworth State Park when driving back. Too bad I could not stop and take a picture.

    2. The hotel was actually kind of cold-looking, not very inviting. It was fancy, but not my type of place.

    3. I saw that moon-rise! I also wanted to take a picture but as I was walking I lost the moon behind several buildings and I was on my way to feed a friend's cat and then I needed to hurry home to finish cooking dinner . . so I didn't retrace my steps for a picture :P

      It's funny how three can lead to bickering . . that would often happen with my three together . . and occasionally still does as they will take sides :(

    4. The hotel didn't look like my kind of place either :)

    5. Oh, did you! It was just so beautiful with the fall trees and the sky.

      Somehow those three cannot be together for a longer time without getting into a fight. Oh well, might be also age-related. I always fought with my sister :).

      Glad that I was not the only person that did not like that hotel. It looked kind of dead.

  2. Well done Miriam for taking such good care of Flora :-). Your days still sound crazy stupid but incredibly organised :-) x

    1. She did a wonderful job, like a real mother. Yes, my days are crazy and I am way behind in my household chores. But pretty soon child number one will be leaving home and I always tell myself that I should savor this craziness because it will all be over soon.

    2. Yes, savor the craziness even though that can feel difficult :) xoxoxo

    3. Last night, when driving back from Rochester, they all sang along with a CD that was playing traditional German folk songs. And they all, except Flora, know the Our Father in German and said it with the congregation. That makes me so happy!


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