Saturday, October 1, 2016


Pictures from Wednesday and Thursday:
Bilder von Mittwoch und Donnerstag:

 Stuffed zucchini
Gefüllte Zucchini

 Fall flowers

 Baking of our traditional harvest loaf with St. Michael story
Backen unseres traditionellen Herbstbrotes mit St. Michael Geschichte

 It is snowing on our valleys and mountains.
Es schneit auf die Berge und Täler.

 St. Michael throws down some stars that turn to iron on earth.
St. Michael wirft Sterne auf die Erde, die sich in Eisenerz verwandeln.

 Sowing the new seed
Säen des neuen Getreides

 Plowing the fields
Pflügen der Felder

 Forming the harvest loaf
Wir formen das Brot.

 Michaelmas at the Waldorf school
Michaeli in der Waldorfschule

Overcoming the dragon
Wir überwinden den Drachen.

Ballet in the evenings
Ballett am Abend


  1. Your harvest bread looks delicious. We've been enjoying ours also.

    I find that these days fly by with the rhythm of the season and of the years. They're very special. It's like a warm cloak in a sometimes chilly and confusing world! I hope Peter has been doing well across the pond :) Greg has been busy but enjoyed touring Boston a little today.

    I still haven't taken my camera in to be fixed. I'm hoping the weather is nice on Monday and then I can walk it up to the tech store.

    Have a good night Eva. xoxo

    1. Thank you, Dorina! Yes, rhythmic living (in a conscious way) does give strength and solace. I hope my children will pass on these traditions and will be mindful of living with the seasons.

      Peter is on his way back, he gave his paper and everybody liked it. His plane is already over an hour late. He will probably not catch his connecting flight. We might have to pick him up now. Normally, a college driver picks him up. I hope that somebody else will pick him up, though, because I already pick up people from ballet.

      I have never been to Boston. Does Greg like it?

      Any camera news?

    2. Greg does like Boston. It's not quite as hectic as NYC, but still has a nice pedestrian, historical and artistic atmosphere. I'm glad Peter's paper went well and I hope it went alright with his connecting flight . . was he coming into Rochester from Syracuse . . or Buffalo? They all sound a bit far away from you.

      Your fall flowers are so pretty. Aren't they asters? And what did you stuff your zucchini with? It looks very good!

    3. P.S. Camera news . . I haven't been to the store yet :(

    4. Ah, reminds me of my own camera problems: I am supposed to pick a new camera (present from my parents), but I have not found one I like. My birthday was in February . . .

    5. He flew from Zurich to Newark and then to Rochester. Syracuse is too far for the college drivers to pick him up. If he had not caught his connecting flight to Rochester, we would have had to pick him up, but he did make it and the college driver could a go. I am so glad we did not have to drive because we also had the ballet drive.

  2. We made a dragon and managed to hot spot my phone for Internet so that we could use your blog to help tell the story!! Will upload pictures today :-)

    So pleased that the exam went well. Tell J that his new hair cut suits him :-). Only seems like yesterday when he was a little guy!

    Happy and Restful Subsay to you xxx

    1. Your dragon turned out beautifully! I hope you found the right year for the story. I do have one year where I have a detailed walk through of how to make it with the story.

      Jonathan is trying different things with his hair. It is not quite the way he would like to have it.

  3. Schön! Und ihr habt die gleiche Backgeschichte wie wir, das ist auch schön, eine Verbindung. Schön konntet ihr die Waldorfschule in euer Programm einbinden.

    1. Ja, das ist eine schöne Geschichte. Wir machen sie nun schon seit ca. 12 Jahre. In der Waldorfschule haben wir auch unsere Spielgruppenlehrerin getroffen. Sie ist auch schon fast 60.


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