Saturday, October 22, 2016

Saint Anselm College

We woke up to a beautiful morning yesterday;
Ein wunderschöner Morgen hat uns gestern begrüßt:

 Ready to drive to Manchester, NH
Worauf warten wir noch, ich bin fertig, um nach Manchester zu fahren!

We dropped Jonathan off at the New Hampshire Center of Politics where he participated in a class.

Wir haben Jonathan beim New Hampshire Zentrum für Politik herausgelassen, wo er an einem Seminar teilgenommen hat.

While Jonathan took two classes, one in political science and one in history, we walked around on campus.

Während Jonathan an zwei Semiaren teilgenommen hat, haben wir das College erkundet.

Our parking spot
Unser Parkplatz

 Admissions building with classrooms
Immatrikulationsgebäude mit Seminarräumen

 Beech tree with beechnuts
Buche mit Bucheckern


 Old organ in crypt church
Alte Orgel in der Krypta

 Charlotte posing near a huge boulder
Charlotte in Positur neben einem großen Felsbrocken


 Statue of St. Anselm
St. Anselm (Statue)

 A very nice young Salesian sister gave the children lots of presents, including this coloring book.
Eine sehr nette und junge Nonne der Salesianer hat den Kindern lauter kleine Geschenke gegeben, wozu auch dieses Malbuch gehörte.

Beim Manchester Kunstmuseum

 We are not sure what this building was/is.
Wir wissen nicht, was dieses Gebäude einmal war oder jetzt ist.


 Old town hall
Altes Rathaus

Jonathan and Charlotte also tried out a dance school in Manchester. 
Jonathan und Charlotte haben auch eine Ballettschule in Manchester ausprobiert.


  1. Lovely pictures, the Salesians just love kids :-). The college campus looks lovely, hope Jonathan enjoyed his taster classes. How come both him and Charlotte tried out the dance class? Will Charlotte also be going to that college at some point? San X

    1. The sister was so friendly, she had seen us earlier and had waved at us. We saw her again in the cafeteria where she handed out materials to children and also students.

      St. Anselm is on a tuition exchange list with our college. Charlotte is not that much younger than Jonathan. Whenever we go and look at colleges, she has to look too. We will not make such a college tour with each child because the colleges we can afford are the same for them all. Jonathan liked the second class about politics in the Middle East more than his first one about Aristotle.

    2. Thanks for explaining. Hope you are enjoying your stay x

  2. Isn't it a beautiful time of year to travel through New England?! The colleges you visit all sound so wonderful. I think it's fun to see them. This one is very nice and not too far from home. What are your favorites so far? I love the pic of Flora on the stairs, ready to drive to NH!

    1. We were lucky with the weather most of the time, except Friday when Peter almost got stuck in the water on a highway that was flooded. It was very noticeable how many trees still had leaves in NH, here in Western NY many of our leaves are simply gone. You could also see the same happening along I-90 when driving in NY.

      I think all the colleges we have visited could give you a fine education, just in different ways. People were very friendly at all the places we visited. At St. Anselm, students held doors a lot (very noticeable) and one student ran after Jonathan because he had forgotten his jacket. At Thomas More several students introduced themselves to us, the parents (!), and welcomed us. Those were not sent by Admissions, they were simply friendly. We also saw a girl from our local Catholic homeschooling group there. She was happy to see us. We attended a Latin/English Mass at an old barn at Thomas More College, but I forgot to take a picture of this unique chapel because we had to go to lunch. So, I do think whatever he chooses and we can afford will be fine.

      Yes, Flora was ready to go!

    2. I'm glad you're enjoying your visit and that the colleges are all nice choices :) How was the ballet school? That must have been fun to try.

    3. The ballet school was okay, about the same as ours here. I did find some other interesting looking ones later on, but there was no time to try them out. One had a man teaching, which was intriguing to Jonathan.

  3. Das Malbuch sieht nett aus, eine gute Idee! :)
    Schöne Fotos, die Gegend wirkt so stimmungsvoll und friedlich, vielleicht auch wegen der schönen Herbstfarben.

    1. Ja, die Bäume sahen sehr schön aus. Hier in New York sind die Bäume inzwischen fast alle kahl.

    2. Wir haben auch Gebetskarten, eine DVD und Schlüsselanhänger bekommen.


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