Thursday, October 20, 2016

Across NY/Quer durch den Staat New York

 Lunch at Yum-Yum in East Syracuse
Mittagessen in Ost Syracuse

 Approaching Albany, NY's capital.  I was here in 1994, but the rest of the family has never been here.
Wir fahren auf Albany zu.  Albany ist die Hauptstadt vom Staate New York.  Ich war zuletzt 1994 hier, die anderen noch nie.  

 Education Department


 Fort Frederick war früher hier: Es ist nach Friedrich Ludwig von Hannover benannt worden.


 Der Hudson Fluß

We have already arrived in New Hamphire and have visited St. Anselm College.  More about that next time

Wir sind schon in New Hampshire und haben uns St. Anselm College angesehen.  Dazu mehr später. 


  1. Thanks for sharing glad you arrived safely x

    1. Thanks, San. It is lovely here in New Hampshire. We also drove through Vermont, but it was already dark. And New York is truly beautiful.

  2. Greg and I visited the New York State Museum in Albany years ago. I really liked it. The one part that stays fresh in my memory is a painting they had of Manhattan without it's skyscrapers . . just trees and boulders and plants, and a beautiful green riverbank :)

    1. Last time I was in Albany, I actually was inside the Department of Education and the Capitol. The friends I stayed with had connections there (they worked with the Department of Education). I remember beautiful paintings in the Capitol, but I did not take any pictures inside. I don't remember if you were allowed to or not. Where did you see the Manhattan painting? I once saw a photograph that was done by computer to give a photo image of Manhattan without buildings. I think it was in a special edition of the National Geographic Magazine.

      We got back at midnight last night. Jonathan is off to his chemistry class and a make-up chemistry exam. Peter is teaching and the others are still asleep. It was a fund and interesting weekend, but lots of driving and everybody is exhausted. I have to prepare my class now for the afternoon. I will post more pictures soon, maybe tonight.

    2. Glad you're home safe and sound :) I remember that pic in National Geographic. Hope all went well for Jonathan with his exam, and for you with your class!

    3. He got an A on his exam! He did not think he had done so well. I meant to type "fun" and not "fund" above.

      We are still unpacking a few things from the trip. Next week we will look at St. Vincent College in PA and we think that we are done then. Jonathan got his SAT results today: He got 1530!


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