Saturday, July 30, 2016

Lake Michigan/Michigansee

We had a wonderful time at Lake Michigan
Ein wunderschöner Morgen am Michigansee

 Peter, Charlotte, Jonathan and Veronika in the water
Peter, Charlotte, Jonathan und Veronika im Wasser

 Enjoying the beach
Freude am Strand

 Building a sand castle with big brother
Eine Sandburg mit dem großen Bruder bauen

 Almost like California: Lots of treasures to find!
Fast wie in Kalifornien: Strandschätze!

 Warming up
Warm warden

 Finished construction
Fertige Konstruktionen


Flowers from Grandpa's and Grandma's garden
Blumen aus dem Garten der amerikanischen Großeltern

 Watching Grandpa watering the flowers
Dem amerikanischen Großvater beim Blumengießen zusehen

 Farewell picture with Grandpa and Grandma
Abschiedsfoto mit den amerikanischen Großeltern

 Southern Indiana
Südliches Indiana

 Cucumber water: Lunch at Tulip Noir
Gurkenwasser: Mittagessen in der Schwarzen Tulpe

 Really good white tea
Wirklich guter weißer Tee

 Coloring books while waiting for our food
Malbücher während wir auf das Essen warten.

 My food: Vegetable fritters
Mein Essen: Gemüsebratlinge



 Real roses
Echte Rosen

Jonathan is driving us to Ohio
Jonathan fährt uns nach Ohio.

We are spending some time with more of Peter's family, but now in Ohio.  Unfortunately, the internet is so bad in this motel that I will not try to upload any more pictures tonight.

Im Moment sind wir bei Peters Verwandten in Ohio.  Leider ist das Internet so schlecht hier im Motel, daß ich nicht versuchen werde, noch mehr Fotos hochzuladen.


  1. It looks like you all had a wonderful time. Lake Michigan looks like a great place to visit. Jumping waves is always fun. Your children are blessed to be able to spend time with extended family. I hope that you're having a fun time in Ohio

    1. It is always nice to go and see the grandparents. There are so many familiar places for all children. Jonathan, Peter and Charlotte were born in Indiana. Peter also grew up in the Midwest. For him it is truly a homecoming.

  2. So fun to be at the beach, and to see Grandma and Grandpa :) Your cloud/sky pictures are amazing! Jonathan does well with the trucks. I always find them stressful.

    1. I happened to look up right above me when the sun was about to disappear behind the cloud. I quickly took a picture.

      Jonathan has been a pretty calm driver so far, just in South Bend, where Notre Dame is, we almost had an accident. But that was because of heavy traffic and the fact that we missed a turn because they have changed the roads around Notre Dame so much that we ended up in a part of the city we did not know well. Trying to figure out where we were and telling Jonathan what to do was not a good idea. Especially because Peter and I both had different ideas where to drive. Oh well, nothing happened, but we all got worked up.

    2. I also do not like those really big trucks. You never know what they might do.


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