Wednesday, July 27, 2016


A hot day at the Michigan City Zoo.

Ein heißer Tag im Michigan City Zoo.  






There was a see-through observation tunnel under the water.  Miriam, Veronika, and Flora are watching the otters from there.
Es gibt einen durchsichtigen Tunnel unter Wasser, in dem Miriam, Veronika und Flora sitzen und den Ottern zugucken.   

 Flora was fascinated by these.
Flora fand diese Tiere ganz faszinierend.

 Bald Eagle

 Charlotte is standing in the huge eagle's nest.
Charlotte steht im riesigen Adlernest.


 Red-footed tortoise

 Lake Michigan

 Feeding the birds

 Weeding for Grandma and Grandpa
Wir zupfen für die amerikanischen Großeltern Unkraut.


  1. Hello Eva! What a lovely visit with the grandparents! I haven't visited your blog in so long and have struggled to post myself as its been so uncomfortably hot and I've refused to put on the air as I find that even more uncomfortable. However, I've been wondering why am I fine with heat in the winter but not AC in the summer? Because I just didn't grow up with it! I'm uptown right now, waiting for Chanda to finish a dance class and then we'll go to a shop to have her ears pierced. Today the weather is so beautiful!!!! It was so cool this morning that I needed a blanket. It felt refreshing to feel chilly. And right now it's only 75 degrees (after weeks of the upper 90's!) Well, I'm typing on my phone which gets tiresome so I'll check in again tonight or tomorrow morning from the computer at home. Much love to all of you :) xoxo

    1. I completely understand. The heat can make one completely apathetic. I also do not like air conditioning and these summer trips to the Midwest with all the air-conditioned motels and houses are not my favorite trips. I am grateful that it is not so hot when we visit because of the AC, but it does not feel right that you have to have it. How did the ear piercing go? Was that her idea? Do the other two have pierced ears? I used to, but one ear always got inflamed, so I stopped wearing ear rings. I have quite a collection, though. Have you found out about the ballet school yet? It is quite cool here, at least during the night. I hope all is well. I miss your posts.

    2. Hello Eva, I've caught up with a lot of posts now. It's been easier with the cooler weather. As nice as it is to visit friends, I do find much of the driving stressful with the trucks etc . . and the AC! (motel windows don't open!) We leave on Saturday for a visit to Cape Cod with my sister. It'll be nice but we have to drive on 95 to get there. I usually just drive on the parkways when I go up to CT or out to Long Island. They're so nice. Now all three of my girls have pierced ears, but I no longer do. I went through a time when they always bothered me so I let the holes close up. I've been considering having them re-pierced . . I included a link to nice ballerina story in my last post that I think you will enjoy . . Chanda didn't get into the last school that she auditioned for. The head of the school ended up not having the same philosophy of dance . . he's very into how a ballerina's body looks and doesn't see the overall dance ability. Also, one of his teachers that Chanda really loved and was hoping to work with at his school, has left him. It's an interesting indication that things aren't as copacetic at his place as we had thought. We're not sure now what she's going to do. Her ballet teacher returned from vacation and we'll see her this morning to talk with her about it. I'll keep you posted :) xoxo

    3. Funny, it has been really hot here the past days, very humid and sunny. Even the nights are bad. The traffic around Cleveland is always bad, but nothing beats L.A. traffic. I think I could drive around Cleveland, but not around L.A. Cape Cod sounds so nice. I hope it is not too crowded at this time of the year. Will you eat cod? Just kidding!

      Thanks for sharing the ballet story. I showed it to Charlotte. She has been trying to learn a bit of Russian on her own. She somehow likes the language. Your experience with the school Chanda applied to reminds me of Neglia Ballet in Buffalo. It is too bad, but probably better not be be accepted into such a school. Has her teacher had any new ideas? Has she ever thought about going to a liberal arts college with a good dance program and later go to grad school to get a degree (M.A.) in dance movement therapy? That would allow her to dance, but also learn something practical.

      Funny, I have thought about having mine re-pierced also, but then I always think of the trouble I have had and don't do it after all.


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