Monday, July 4, 2016

4th of July/4. Juli

Flora decided to hoist her small American flag in front of our house.
Flora hat ihre kleine amerikanische Fahne draußen aufgehängt.

 Enjoying the day
Ein schöner Feiertag

And my parents sent us this card.
Und meine Eltern haben uns diese Karte geschickt.  Danke sehr!


  1. Replies
    1. Happy Fourth of July Eva! I love the basketball movie with the flute score :) Kudos to Charlotte :) xoxo

    2. Weird, I do not know why my last comment to San ended up down here.

      Thanks, Dorina, I only noticed after I had done the basketball video that Charlotte was playing the whole time and that you could hear it. I was sitting outside when I made the video. I thought those two were too cute, too bad you could not hear their conversation!

    3. Oh funny! That's very sweet in regard to Flora and Jonathan. I remember noticing similar conversations between the girls as they grew :)

    4. Jonathan and Flora are my talkers. They are very verbal people. Veronika likes quiet. That is quite hard when you are driving in a car with those two. Flora wants a CD and Veronika wants to just look out of the window . . .


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