Sunday, January 3, 2016


  • Watched Mass online with Veronika (the others went to church)
  • It is really cold and snowy.
  • Jonathan is also coming down with a cough and is not feeling well.  He did practice driving today, though.  
  • Charlotte has hurt her shoulder (call chiropractor tomorrow morning?). 
  • Peter is seeing his foot doctor tomorrow. 
  • I feel like I am living in a hospital.

  • Ich habe mit Veronika eine Messe bei Notre Dame im Computer gesehen (die anderen waren in der Kirche)
  • Es ist sehr kalt und schneit.
  • Jonathan scheint auch einen Husten zu bekommen und fühlt sich nicht gut.  Er hat aber heute noch Autofahren geübt.
  • Charlotte hat sich irgendwie die Schulter verrenkt (vielleicht rufe ich morgen beim Chiropraktiker an).
  • Peter muß morgen zum Fußarzt.
  • Ich glaube, ich wohne in einem Krankenhaus!


  1. Yep living in an infirmary at this end too!! Dave has a very bad cold virus which means he can barely move again :-(. I am on my second night of being up with him every two hours in the night.

    Benedict's blood sugars are running high and so he didn't settle until half past midnight and woke half an hour ago (7:30) with severe cramps and vomiting with ketones, his insulin line had disconnected from the pump :-(. So I re did a set change on the pump, made him a hot water bottle and a cup of tea.

    I am just about to have my first drink of the day. So I have finished the night shift and am just about to start the day shift. Wish me luck!! Xx

    1. I hope your day went well (maybe I should say smoothly?). I feel sorry for you with two patients at once! I only have Veronika who is really sick. The others can manage on their own most of the time. I hope that nobody else will get sick, neither in your nor in our place! Sending you a big hug, need to get some sleep, and it is so cold anyway that the best place is bed.

  2. Dearest Eva, I do hope that all these health concerns get better very quickly!! It can be so frustrating! We will keep all of you in our prayers. We have not had much cold weather and no snow . . however, today the temperature is supposed to drop as the day goes on, so maybe it will actually begin to feel like winter. Your picture of church looks beautiful. I'm glad you were able to watch online. Stay warm at home and take it slow. Read lots of good books together and enjoy the napkins :) They wash and dry very easily. I"m so glad you like them as I really enjoyed knitting them for all of you. It's quite a simple knit. Veronika might like making some :) I send you a big hug, xoxoxo

    1. Thanks so much for your kind words and prayers. We do need them. Maybe our cold is reaching you?? Do you wash the napkins with other cotton items or separately? Can I wash them hot? You did such a splendid job and we all liked the different colors Morgana picked out! Thanks so much!!! I will ask Veronika if she would like to kit some when she gets better. Maybe you can send us the pattern then. Did you use the Cotton and Cream yarn?

    2. The napkins are very easy to wash. I put them in with the towels on a hot wash and dry everything together. The yarn is sugar and cream. Yarnspirations has nice colors. Be careful of the "scented" ones! It's funny how they came out with a scented line. Morgana and I bought one because we liked the color, thinking it might wash out easily, but it doesn't. I can get the pattern together and send it. xoxo

  3. Oh my gosh; 'tis the season here too! I hope you are feeling better soon. When one has more children, they kindly take turns being sick, don't they? Around here it can last for weeks on end! I wish you a happy, healthy new year, Eva!

    1. Yes, one gives it to the next, that is just how it is. My friend from church has seven children and somebody is always sick. She has a goat farm and needs all the children to help with chores. When I think of her, I always feel very sorry. Did I read that right that you had eye surgery? That must be very scary. I hope it all went well and you can see better. Wishing you a wonderful 2016 as well. When is Cate going back to her classes?


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