Saturday, January 2, 2016


Veronika had a brief moment of feeling better this morning.  I gave her our jar with mystery batteries and she tested each of them with our battery tester to find out which ones are still usable.

Veronika ging es heute morgen für eine kurze Zeit besser.  Ich habe ihr unser Glas mit den "Fragezeichenbatterien" gegeben, damit sie mit dem Batterietestgerät herausfinden konnte, welche noch funktionieren.  

I had scheduled a hair appointment for myself, but then I could not go because Veronika was feeling so ill.  Peter took Miriam, Jonathan, and Flora to the eye-doctor, though.  Jonathan had another appointment for trying out contact lenses.  This time, it worked and he is the owner of one pair of contact lenses now.  He has to try them for two weeks, but cannot wear them more than four hours per day right now.  He has another appointment with the doctor, who will make sure they work for Jonathan.  Then he can buy himself a supply of them.

By the way, we have snow again, but I forgot to take a picture; too busy with Veronika.

Eigentlich hatte ich heute einen Friseurtermin, aber den habe ich dann abgesagt, weil es Veronika nicht gut geht.  Peter ist mit Flora, Jonathan und Miriam aber zum Augenarzt gefahren, damit Jonathan nochmals Kontaktlinsen ausprobiert.  Heute hat es dann geklappt.  Er ist mit einem Paar nach Hause geschickt worden, die er jetzt zwei Wochen tragen soll, jedoch nicht mehr als vier Stunden pro Tag.  Dann will der Augenarzt nochmals kontrollieren, ob sie auch für seine Augen gut sind.  Erst danach kann er sich einen Vorrat zulegen.  

Wir haben übrigens auch wieder Schnee, aber ich habe über Veronikas Pflege vergessen, ein Foto zu machen.  

P.S. All Christmas letters (German and English) are done and we can start mailing them on Monday.  Maybe we should stop calling them Christmas letters, but New Year's letters.

Alle Weihnachtsbriefe (Deutsch und Englisch) sind fertig, jetzt können wir sie am Montag anfangen zu schicken.  Vielleicht sollen wir diese Briefe in Zukunft Jahreswechselbriefe nennen.  


  1. Glad to read that Jonathan has managed with the contact lenses. So sorry that you missed your hair appointment treat and that Veronika is so poorly. On New Year's Day Dave started with a horrendous cold/flu virus, I was up three times last night helping him since he is suffering from a virus related MS flare up, hopefully it will be short lived.

    Hope you have a good Sunday x

    1. Today he had problems with the left one, he could not get it in for a long time! I have to reschedule my appointment, but I do not see that happen so soon. Peter is leaving for Florida in a few days . . . The hair place is an hour away. I am so sorry that Dave is also ill. I do hope that he will be better soon.

  2. Yes! Congrats to Jonathan! That is so wonderful! I wore contact lenses for years and loved them :) I hope he does too.

    1. He still needs more practice and he told me that he did not like that they seem to be stronger than his glasses. Maybe we will ask for a different strength? I am not sure. I think he is happy otherwise, though.

    2. Yes, it might be good to talk with the doctor about that.

    3. We just discovered that we have to change our appointment with the doctor. Peter scheduled it during the March for Life: both, Jonathan and Charlotte, are traveling with our college students to D.C. It is very hard to get an appointment with this doctor, he is very popular and a specialist for children (although Jonathan will be 18 tomorrow :)).


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