Saturday, June 13, 2015

Atchison, Kansas -- Columbia, Missouri

There are not many pictures left from the last stretch of our trip on Memorial Day.  After visiting Benedictine College, we crossed the border into Missouri very quickly.  We had dinner close to Kansas City: By accident we found Sprouts, a natural food chain we had discovered in California.

Ich habe nur noch ein paar Fotos von dem Ende des Tages, nachdem wir Benedictine College uns angesehen haben.  Die Grenze nach Missouri kam ziemlich schnell.  Unser Abendbrot haben wir bei Kansas City gegessen.  Dort haben wir einen großen Biosupermarkt entdeckt, den wir schon aus Kalifornien her kannten.  

Crossing the Missouri River
Überquerung des Missouri Flusses

 There was a pretty area next to the store where you could have a picnic.
Neben dem Laden gab es eine Stelle, wo man Picknick machen konnte.  

 Christopher S. Bond Bridge over the Missouri River
Christopher S. Bond Brücke über den Missouri Fluß

 Kansas City

In Missouri sind die Hamburger besonders groß!


  1. I really enjoy these movies :)

    Thickburger! Really!

    It must have felt nice getting so close to home . .

    1. I am glad you do, I myself think they are quite funny when you hear the language mix and what people are saying.

      Would you like a Thickburger? The potato chips were on those burgers! At least the sign said so, we did not actually see them.

      By the time we had reached Indiana we were pretty tired of traveling. But the worst stretch was the last day from Ohio to New York, mainly because of the rain.


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