Monday, May 11, 2015

San Jacinto Peak

The Monday after Mother's Day, Jonathan, Charlotte, and Miriam went hiking with their grandparents on Mount San Jacinto.

Am Montag nach Muttertag sind Jonathan, Charlotte und Miriam mit ihren Großeltern auf dem San Jacinto Berg wandern gegangen.  

These pictures are from Charlotte's camera, but the video is not.  Diese Bilder stammen von Charlottes Fotoapparat.  Nur das Video stammt von YouTube.    

They took an aerial tramway up the mountain.  Man kommt mit einer Seilbahn auf den Berg.  

Snow!  Schnee!

Grandmother and granddaughter
Großmutter und Enkelin

Brother and sister
Bruder und Schwester

Palm Springs

The rest of us went to the Heritage Park in Santa Fe Springs.  I will post those pictures tomorrow.

Wir anderen waren im Heritage Park in Santa Fe Springs.  Davon gibt es morgen Bilder.    


  1. Beautiful pictures! That is some view! What wonderful memories with Oma and Opa :)

    1. Danke, they had a good time. They were pretty exhausted, though, because they hiked for over four hours.


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