Saturday, May 9, 2015

Huntington: American Art/Amerikanische Kunst

While my parents went to the San Luis Rey Mission, Peter, Miriam, Veronika, Flora, and I went to the Huntington Museums to spend some time there.  Jonathan and Charlotte also went along, but shortly after lunch had to leave to go to their ballet class with Mr. Kolesnikov (the Huntington Library and Gardens are really close by).  We primarily looked at American art, but also walked in the gardens a bit.

Meine Eltern haben sich die San Luis Rey Mission angesehen, doch wir anderen sind zu den Huntington Museen gefahren.  Jonathan und Charlotte hatten ja in der Nähe bei Herrn Kolesnikov ihre Ballettstunde.  Wir haben uns vor allen Dingen amerikanische Kunst angesehen, doch sind auch ein wenig spazieren gegangen.      


 Perfect for Mother's Day a day later
Perfekt für Muttertag einen Tag später

 American Art Museum
Museum für amerikanische Kunst

 I have always liked Sam Francis, although I do not like this painting as much as some of his other paintings.
Ich mag Sam Francis sehr gerne, doch dieses Bild spricht mich nicht so an wie viele andere seiner Gemälde.  

 Can you find the bird (that drinks the creek dry), the creek, and the escaping fish?  Flora really liked this one.
Hier gilt es den Vogel, (der den Bach leer trinkt), den Bach und den fliehenden Fisch zu finden.  Flora mochte dieses Gemälde sehr.  

 This truly shows what the mountains around us look like.
Dieses Gemälde hat die uns umgebenen Berge herrlich getroffen.  

 And here are lots of Californian poppies: I love the orange color!
Und hier sieht man viele Mohnblumen, die in Kalifornien immer orangefarben sind!

 Veronika really liked this tree.
Veronika mochte diesen Baum sehr gerne.

 Black-crowned night heron, juvenile, according to Jonathan
Nachtreiher, ein Junvogel, sagt Jonathan

 Flora liked the ducks.
Flora mochte diese Enten sehr.

 Scrub Jay

 Orange trees

Huntington Mausoleum

 Botanical Center

 Passion Flowers, lots of them!
Ganz viele Passionsblumen!

 Picking up Jonathan and Charlotte
Wir holen Jonathan und Charlotte ab.

Driving home
Nach Hause fahren


  1. Replies
    1. Yes, this is a marvelous place. We will truly miss it.

  2. It's a Western Scrub-jay. Scrub-jay alone can refer to two species, Western and Florida.

    1. Well, I am glad I got the scrub-jay part right :).

  3. Hello Eva, I just lost the comment I was writing to you. I must start again . .

    I love the Zorach sculpture, but my favorite was the Hopper painting with it's blue sea and sailboat skimming across and the lighthouse rising from the dunes . . I also always enjoy your pics of the children. Charlotte looks like she had a wonderful ballet class, and Veronika, Miriam and Flora must love exploring all the museums and gardens. I really like your brown duck photo with it's little orange foot sticking out and it's crisscrossed tail feathers . . and I also appreciate Jonathan's birding notes :)

    1. I hate it when this happens. I have noticed that when I am not signed in into my Google account and type a comment, it disappears the moment I publish it. Have you noticed that too?

      Yes, the blue in the Hopper painting is magnificent.

      Charlotte and Jonathan both enjoy their classes. Last Saturday, Mr. K. said "Okay, okay, okay" to Jonathan, a high praise from him :). Veronika loves art museums. She already was very interested when we where in Vienna, but now she likes to explore them on her own. It is fun to watch her. Flora likes to look a paintings with shipwrecked people :). And Miriam observes every little detail in these pictures. She always would like more time to look at everything.
      Flora insisted that I took that duck photo. Now I know why :). Above is one more comment from Jonathan on a bird. I guess I was not accurate enough. (But why would there be a Florida Scrub-jay in California.anyway? I think my description was good enough.)


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