Sunday, May 17, 2015

Elite Ballet Theatre and Japanese/Elite Ballet Theatre und Japanisch

Last ballet class with Mr. Ling and Mr. Kolesnikov for Jonathan and Charlotte with the Elite Ballet Theatre.  Jonathan and Charlotte had written thank-you notes for their teachers and many of the girls were sad to see our children go.  I tried to take some pictures of their class, but the light was so bad (there was a big window and an open door) that it looks as if they were dancing in a semi-dark room, which, of course, was not true.

Die letzte Ballettstunde mit Herrn Ling und Herrn Kolesnikov für Jonathan und Charlotte bei dem Tanzstudio Elite Ballet Theatre.  Jonathan und Charlotte hatten kleine Bedankmichkärtchen für ihre Lehrer geschrieben und viele der Mädchen in ihrer Klasse fanden es schade, daß sie die "New Yorker" nun nicht mehr sehen würden.  Ich habe versucht, ein paar Fotos zu machen, aber das Licht war so schlecht (es gibt dort ein großes Fenster und eine Tür stand offen), daß es aussieht, als ob im Halbdunkel getanzt wurde, was aber gar nicht der Fall war.



 Mr. Kolesnikov is explaining something.
Herr Kolesnikov erklärt etwas.  

End of lesson
Ende der Stunde

During the dance lesson, I took the three other girls to two children's activities at the Huntington: First they painted talking sticks and then we headed over to the Japanese garden.  There was a cart that showed how to write Japanese characters, how to do origami, you could create your own little Zen garden and also sniff some Japanese tea.  A wonderful experience.  Veronika loved the calligraphy and several native Japanese people confirmed that her writing looked very authentic.

Während des Tanzunterrichts habe ich die drei anderen Mädchen zu den Kinderaktivitäten im Huntington Garten mitgenommen.  Erst haben wir indianische Redestäbe angemalt und sind dann in den japanischen Garten gegangen.  Dort konnte man japanische Schriftzeichen üben, Origami machen, einen kleinen Zengarten anlegen und auch verschiedene japanische Teesorten riechen.  Veronika hat besonders gerne die Schriftzeichen geübt.  Einige Japaner haben ihr versichert, daß ihre Zeichen ganz echt aussahen.  Jetzt sind wir wieder um eine neue Erfahrung reicher.  

 Painting a talking stick
Einen indianischen Redestab anmalen

 Creating zen gardens
Einen Zengarten anlegen


Japanese tea
Japanischer Tee


  1. I love the zen gardens and the origami. All the kids have done really well integrating into life in sunnier climes, it must be a bitter sweet time for you all as you head off home. Praying for a safe journey for you all.

    San xx

    1. Yes, it is sad to leave. We have gotten used to this area and there is still so much to explore.

  2. Congratulations on the outstanding Latin work, Jonathan and Charlotte! I have a cartoon to share with you that my eldest daughter doodled on her Latin workbook last week. I will email it!

    The ballet class seems like it was an amazing opportunity! And the Huntington continues to impress with what all it offers! Thank you for sharing this journey!

    Blessings on your and your parents travels. Will they be able to stay a while with you in New York then?

    Love and blessings, Barbara

    1. I would love to see the cartoon. The ballet class was just such a treat. We were lucky enough to find this studio. I am so glad they let Jonathan and Charlotte participate. I think they learned a lot.

      No, my parents are not coming to NY, only to NC and SC. We will not see them again.

  3. Hallo Eva, schöne Schriftzeichen! Meine Tochter interessiert sich auf für Japan und hat begonnen die Sprache selbständig zu lernen.

    1. Danke, Bernice. Mich haben die asiatischen Kulturen nie so interessiert, aber es gibt auch dort viel zu lernen und zu verstehen. Toll, daß Deine Tochter das so macht.

  4. The thank you cards look very nice. Who did the writing on the envelopes? And kudos to Veronika for her good Japanese writing. It's very clear!

    I'm glad you included the ballet class pictures and the end of class movie. Is that a pic of Charlotte and Jonathan together framed in the window? It's just lovely and I think merits a real frame :)

    The Huntington looks so fun!!!!!!!!!! Oh, you will miss that. I love the zen gardens and the origami and a cup of tea always makes a day special :)

    Ah, Eva. What an adventure. And thank you for including the beautiful views of the San Fernando Valley! So pretty at this time of year . . Driving the canyons is fun, isn't it? My aunt had a little open MG car that we would speed through in (!) with kerchiefs on our heads to keep our hair in place (I suppose it wasn't too fast that we went through, but I was little . . 9 years old . . so it did feel . . fast!!)

    Happy trails home for all of you and your parents. I hope they enjoy the rest of their USA travels. Will you be driving or flying or training?

    1. Jonathan did the writing :). I will let Veronika know that you liked her writing.

      Yes, that is a picture of them at class. I also thought it turned out well. I always thought we should not intrude during class (and the seating area is VERY small). I also was not sure if they liked when we took pictures. They were all very friendly, but I still thought it was better not to interrupt class by taking pictures.

      The Huntington even has a tea house where you can drink authentic Chinese tea. We have really gotten a lot out of our membership.

      There was a photograph of the San Fernando Valley in the 1930's. There was just one tree and I think I spotted three buildings. Can you imagine?? How much has it changed since then. What is an MG car? We enjoyed the drive through the canyon. It reminded me of Switzerland or Austria. My parents went to see the Grand Canyon when we were driving down to the coast. Your memories sound very lovely with your aunt.

      We are all driving this time. We are sending lots of boxes home. So many books to send, and suitcases too. Our car is too small. We will meet a blogging friend in Colorado and also stop at Benedictine College on the way. That is another Catholic college. It is in Kansas. We might spend a night in Columbia, MO, where I started my graduate school program in 1993. Then we will drive up to Indiana to meet with Peter's family before going home.

    2. So nice that you are going together! It sounds wonderful :) I wish you fun and safe travels and look forward to hearing a little bit about it and seeing Julius again :) You will all be glad to be home!

    3. When we were driving down that little road, Flora asked where all the other lanes were. Can you imagine? This child has grown up in the country, there is only one lane for each direction on a road at home,, but now she is so used to the roads here that she was very perplexed to see a "normal" street! We all laughed at that one.


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