Sunday, May 3, 2015

Getty Museum

Sunday found us first in the San Gabriel Mission for Mass and then at the Getty Museum
Am Sonntag konnte man uns in der San Gabriel Mission für die Messe und dann im Getty Museum finden.  

 View from the Getty.  There is the ocean way in the back, but it was very hazy and hard to see.
Blick vom Getty Museum.  Das Meer ist im Hintergrund, aber es war so dunstig, daß man es kaum sehen konnte.  

 Interesting architecture
Interessante Architektur

 In the family room: Viewing details of famous art works.
Im Familienzimmer konnte man Ausschnitte von berühmten Gemälden durch kleine Löcher sehen.  

 Resting like a French princess
Wie eine französische Prinzessin ruhen.

  Flora was resting in the children's version of the original, which we saw later on.
Flora hat sich in einer Kinderversion dieses Bettes ausgeruht.  Das Original haben wir später gesehen. 

Flora also made a mask.
Flora hat auch eine Maske gebastelt. 


 Alexander Calder

 Alexander Calder

 Hallo Mama!

 Desert Garden on the roof

 With the German grandparents
Mit den deutschen Großeltern

 Taking the train back down
Mit dem Zug wieder nach unten

 Driving down to the beach
Fahrt an den Strand


  1. Schön! Und ich sehe da auch schöne Zahnlücken!

    1. Ja, jetzt ist auch auf einmal das Interesse an Buchstaben erwacht. Die oberen Schneidezähne sind dafür zuständig.

    2. Toll, dann kann bald die nächste Schuletappe starten.

  2. When I was in CA there was only the Getty Villa :) The center hadn't been completed yet. I think I see that it was designed by Richard Meier? He did a few buildings in my neighborhood and in Brooklyn. I'm not a big fan, which is difficult for me because I have a good friend who works for him!! He's too boxy and bare . . for my tastes. I think his interiors might be nice, however. I just think it looks so cold and factory-like on the outside. What do you think?

    All that aside, this looks like a wonderful visit!!! The desert garden is impressive, as is the bed Flora was lounging on! What fun! The children will have such warm memories of adventures spent with Oma and Opa, and vice versa :) I love the pictures of your excursion to the sea afterwards . . it was like a sudden breath of fresh air and a landing back down on earth after viewing history and art all day . . :)

    1. So all the art was in the Getty Villa? Was that already the Roman villa or was it his house, behind the villa? I think he opened up his house for visitors twice a week when he was still living there.

      Yes, Richard Meier, the building is rather pompous, but very modern. I do not like the view from far away. It looks like a hospital to me. It is good for displaying the art and the gardens are very pretty. I guess it all fits together well, but the building as a building is not so inviting. The Californian sun makes it look warmer, though.

      Yes, the trip to the sea is always so calming after those cultural outings. Whenever we do a heavy dose of "culture" close to the coast, we try to get to the ocean afterwards.

      I think even my parents liked the Getty. Having been to most of the important European museums, smaller museums in the U.S. always fail to compare and so my father especially is very picky. He complained about their catalog because it did not really have pictures of the truly great paintings in it. They had chosen ones that seem to appeal to the American taste, but are not that important for art historians. But he did see some paintings he had never seen before and was satisfied.

  3. P.S. It's great to see the Alexander Calder sculptures! Chanda is a big fan. She enjoyed reading Blue Balliett's _The Calder Game_. Have any of your children read her books? She likes to combine history and art and mystery stories.

    1. No, I do not know that one, but we have "Chasing Vermeer." Miriam thought it was a crazy book and did not care for it. I don't think anybody else has read it.


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