Saturday, March 7, 2015


Yesterday we cooked a Purim meal.  Veronika decided to make a chicken vegetable soup with Kreplach.  We also had a compote made of black grapes and prunes.

We found lots of picture books in the library.  Here is a selection of what we found:

Cakes and Miracles
The Mystery Bear
Queen Esther, the Morning Star
The Purim Goat

A well-known song for this day is Chag Purim.

Gestern war das jüdische Fest Purim.  Veronika hat dafür eine Hühnergemüsesuppe mit Kreplach gekocht.  Zum Nachtisch gab es Kompott aus Trauben und Trockenpflaumen gemacht.  Hier ein deutsches Purim Buch: Die Geschichte von Purim.


  1. Replies
    1. Peter ate his share of it today. He liked it!

  2. Please tell Veronika that her soup looks delicious! Kreplach are dumplings? The compote looks very good too! Did you use the Moscato wine, or something in its place?

    I enjoyed the song! Happy Purim :)

    1. They are a bit like ravioli. We made the dough and filled them with fried sweet potato, onions, and ground turkey. Yes, we did use the wine. I think without the wine it would have not been so good.

    2. That's quite a project! It sounds very good :)

    3. The dessert is a fast recipe, the other dishes were, indeed, time consuming.


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