Thursday, March 5, 2015

Mission Santa Barbara

After breakfast we attended Mass at Thomas Aquinas College.  The church was quite full.  Lots of students and lots of families with small children.

Nach dem Frühstück waren wir bei der Messe in der Kirche, die zum Thomas Aquinas College gehört.  Die Kirche war ganz voll.  Viele Studenten und auch viele Famlien mit kleinen Kindern.  

On our way back to Santa Barbara, we stopped in Santa Paula to take a picture of a huge fig tree.

Auf dem Rückweg nach Santa Barbara haben wir in Santa Paula angehalten, um einen riesigen Feigenbaum zu fotografieren.  

 Planted in 1897 
1897 gepflanzt

We had lunch at the mission, but before lunch we drove right through downtown Santa Barbara.

Mittagessen haben wir bei der Missionskirche gegessen, aber vor dem Essen sind wir noch durch die Innenstadt von Santa Barbara gefahren.  

 Part of the picnic area
Teil des Picknickplatzes

Then we toured the mission.
Danach haben wir die Mission besichtigt.  

 Pepper tree


 Wash basin


 Another big fig tree from about 1890
Noch ein grußer Feigenbaum von ca. 1890

 This mission had many German friars living here.
Diese Mission hatte viele deutsche Franziskaner, die hier gelebt haben.

 Remembering Juana Maria, the woman from "Island of the Blue Dolphins," who is buried here.
Gedenkstein für Juana Maria, auf deren Lebensgeschichte ein bekanntes amerikanisches Jugendbuch basiert  Sie ist hier beeirdingt worden. 

 As was the case with San Gabriel Mission, many Native Americans have been buried here.
So wie bei der San Gabriel Mission sind auch hier viele Indianer beerdigt worden.

 Entrance from graveyard to church
Eingang vom Friedhof zur Kirche

 Church door

 California Missions
Missionen in Kalifornien

 Old mission bell
Alte Missionsglocke

 Violin from Germany
Geige aus Deutschland!

 Old living quarters of the monks
Ehemalige Wohnräume der Mönche

 All about Juana Maria
Alles über die verschollene Frau Juana Maria

 Mystery painting of Maria?  The museum is not sure what this exactly depicts and where it is from.
Dieses Gemälde von Maria ist bis heute nicht genau interpretiert worden, weil man sich nicht ganz sicher ist, was es darstellen soll und wo es herkommt.  

 Ziborium aus Deutschland

 View from the Mission
Blick von der Mission

Old aqueduct
Altes Aquädukt 


  1. Greg and I have so enjoyed these pictures of Santa Barbara and it's beautiful mission. It brings back such memories :) We used to drive past it whenever going up Mountain Drive to the apt we rented (a nicely renovated garage next to a house in the foothills). I'm so glad you got to visit it. I believe that is bougainvillea blooming . . my aunt and uncle had huge bushes of it in their yard in Woodland Hills. Also, in an earlier post you had a Bird of Paradise photo.

    Juana Maria's life was very interesting, wasn't it? I wonder what she thought about leaving her island and living in Santa Barbara.

    The view of Santa Barbara with clouds and the sea is just beautiful! The color is so vibrant . . the ocean so blue and the grass so green. You are really seeing California at it's best.

    The fig tree is amazing and the I can smell the pepper trees in my mind :)

    1. I am so glad I brought back memories for both of you. Yes, that is bougainvillea blooming. I remember it from my trip down the coast in 1986. It is such a beautiful plant!

      She must have thought it was very strange to see people again. I read that they found her cave and a big cache of artifacts of hers just one year ago. And I also read that nobody could speak her language anymore. Too sad that we don't know where her grave is. But with 4000 Chumash being buried there, who can tell . . .

      I also thought the colors and clouds were just exquisite. I took so many pictured, too many I suppose, but it was truly beautiful. I also saw some pictures online of the terrible wildfires. So hard to believe that something like that could happen there. The pepper tree had a strong smell. I was very surprised how strong.

      Peter is giving another talk today at the University of California, Irvine. This time to graduate students of German. He is talking about Jeremias Gotthelf. He is going out with the professor and her husband tonight and will be back soon. Lots to do around here for him. He might also get invited to Pepperdine to give a talk.

      Love from here, especially to you and Greg!

  2. Greg remembers the Moreton Bay fig tree in Santa Barbara. They're very special.

    I just reread that you didn't get any tar on your feet at the beach (I asked you about it again somewhere on here this evening). I used to think that it was from the rigs, but you mentioned that it occurs naturally. Greg just called out to me that it's going down to 11 degrees tonight. Old King Winter does not want to let go!

    I love all your pics!! Thanks for posting :) (I'm impressed with Jonathan's bird sightings . . I don't think it's easy looking for birds! They're small and they're very quick! I find it difficult!)

    1. I did not know there was another one in Santa Barbara! There is one in Ventura. Ventura actually has those seeping tar pits, that is always a sure sign for oil. That is how they found oil in Cuba, NY, the very first discovery of oil in the U.S. The Indians there also used it for medicinal purposes. No wonder there are oil rigs out there all along the coast.

      That is definitely too cold. But I think it is suppose to get above freezing soon. It is 59 degrees here right now and will go up to 84 tomorrow.

      Walking around in Santa Barbara, I always had to think of you, especially when we were up at the Mission. Jonathan spotted a Western scrub-jay and oak titmouse at Thomas Aquinas. I had not even heard those names before. In Santa Barbara he spotted a willet and a western gull. We saw hummingbirds up at the Mission.

    2. Santa Barbara is beautiful, isn't it!

      Does Jonathan carry a bird guide book with him?

      That's very interesting about the tar pits . . I do remember hearing about the La Brea tar pits . . but I never did go see them. And also, that's very exciting about finding Juana Maria's artifacts and cave!

      84 degrees is VERY warm!

      Congrats to Peter. All these talks sound wonderful. And Pepperdine University has a reputation of being an especially beautiful campus. Did he get to go?

    3. He never goes without several guides, his binoculars, and sometimes a spotting scope :)):

      We will go and take a look at the La Brea tar pits. They are not far from us.

      Yes, a former friend of ours (from Notre Dame) had her first teaching position at Pepperdine. She left after a year or so because the Californian lifestyle did not suit her. She now teaches at Villanova and is married. Peter has not gone there yet. This is supposed to happen later.

  3. Spannend! Da lernt man so viel! Die Architektur finde ich sehr interessant.

    1. Die Mönche dort hatten nur ein Architekturbuch: Vitruvius Buch über die römische Architektur. Daran haben sie sich orientiert. Das Buch stammt von ca. 25 v. Chr.!!

      Jetzt muß ich ins Bett. Morgen fängt die Sommerzeit an!!


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