Saturday, March 28, 2015

Still Hot/Immer noch heiß

The roses are blooming on campus.
Bei der Uni blühen die Rosen.  

When it is so hot and we also have swimming lessons, we like to do some studying a the library on campus.  They have a great outdoor study area there.

Wenn es so heiß ist und es noch dazu Schwimmunterricht gibt, dann sitzen wir gerne in der Bibliothek bei Peters Uni.  Sie haben dort eine schöne Terrasse, wo man gut lernen kann.

 I have no idea what this blooming tree is.  It has large pink blossoms and bean-like looking fruit.  Very pretty.
Dieser schöne Baum ist uns gar nicht bekannt.  Er hat große rosafarbene Blüten und dazu Früchte, die wie Bohnen aussehen.  

 The cafeteria was serving pomelos.
Die Mensa hat Pomelos (eine Art von Pampelmusen) serviert.  

 Miriam and Flora studying (I guess Flora is playing).
Miriam und Flora arbeiten (Flora spielt eher als daß sie arbeitet). 

 View from my table
Blick von meinem Tisch

 Preparing my German class
Vorbereitung für mein Deutschseminar


Here at home, we did some nature drawings outside and inside.  The girls drew flowers and Jonathan stayed inside and drew an ant.

Hier zu Hause haben wir ein wenig Naturzeichnen gemacht.  Die Mädchen haben draußen Blumen gezeichnet, Jonathan hat drinnen eine Ameise gezeichnet. 

For dinner, we ate outside.  The evenings are always beautiful and cool.
Abendbrot gab es draußen.  Die Abende sind immer schön kühl.  

And I had a nice chat with the mailman about the Germanwings disaster.  He brought a package from Germany from Oma and Opa and that was a good opportunity to chat about the recent news.  People are very friendly around here.

Und heute habe ich mich nett mit dem Briefträger über die Germanwingskatastrophe unterhalten.  Er hat ein Päckchen von Oma und Opa gebracht und so konnte man gut über die letzten Nachrichten schwatzen.  Die Leute sind hier alle sehr freundlich.  


  1. Dear Eva,

    How nice to sit outside at the cafeteria and prepare for your German class :) And I had to smile when reading about Jonathan's ant! (Oh . . our dear teenagers . . :) You are really enjoying the California sunshine . . the roses are gorgeous! My aunt and uncle had the most beautiful rose garden when they lived in Woodland Hills. I really miss it. I used to love to help them take care of it . . They were both so good with flowers and had so many when they were living there.

    There's a sweet song called "California" by Joni Mitchell that Greg and I just love. You can see it here

    I'm glad that you have come across wonderfully friendly people in your neighborhood. It helps to be able to talk about the plane crash with others. We've all been so sad about it . . and about our building collapse. Greg and I are going out for a walk now to the east side to see what's left. Don't know if we'll be allowed near, but we'll see. We'll also stop by the healthy pet food store for some cat food cans.

    Have a good weekend! Lots of love from us all . .

    1. Well, he does not care for those nature drawings so much any more, but we are having an ant invasion (Argentine Ants) and they are all over, so he decided to do one of those.

      Roses grow here very well, that is true, but you do have to water them regularly, not like our roses at home. They get plenty of water, but not enough sun, and never look very good.

      I have not had a chance to listen to the song, but I will so today.

      You know, in Germany, after the war, there were quite a few building collapses caused by gas leaks. After the buildings had collapsed, quite a few bombs left over from the war were then found in the ground where the building had collapsed. They had to be removed by specialists because they might have still detonated. How much was left of the building? It is a miracle that nobody got killed. And since you mentioned the plane again, during the Palm Sunday Mass in Capistrano, we actually prayed for all the victims. I thought that was really amazing that a church in California would think of that.

      I hope you will have a good trip to your sister's.

      Love to you too.

    2. Nothing was left of the buildings :(

      I'm glad they prayed for everyone on the plane. Everyone here has also been so saddened by it.

      It must have been scary to find the bombs under the buildings . .

      Argentine ants sound very interesting! My sister gets ant infestations. They are very distressing to her. I hope your's soon leaves . .

    3. You know, they still do find bombs today when doing some major construction. A few years ago, the town where my parents live was evacuated because of a British bomb they had found.

      Well, we used Terro and they are gone. But they are fumigating quite a few houses around us. Quite an interesting process. You can never leave out any food around here. These ants find it right away. I think they are fascinating little creatures, but they need to stay outside.

    4. What does your sister do to her ants?

    5. I looked at the link you had on your blog about the buildings. Did not look good.

  2. Dear Eva, I'm slow in commenting but we thoroughly enjoy all the prehistoric animal posts from the tar pits and museum!!!!!!! I have two lassies who are especially drawn to that time period, science and history. They certainly wish they were on that day's trip with you all:)

    So many wonderful things to comment on though! The ballet class sounds so good. And the swimming! We are planning swim lessons for the next month or two also. The campus roses are so beautiful-- wow! Do you have everyone do nature drawings or do they all happen to do it together--thinking its a good idea?

    Many thanks and blessings,

    1. I am slow in answering comments these days, so that makes two of us :). Those tar pits are really fascinating, I have to agree. They are worth while a trip.

      California has lots of swim classes in the summer, but not in the spring, most pools are closed. I guess it is too costly to keep them open during cooler months (although it has not really been cool).

      We do the nature drawings instead of circle time on Fridays and right now we are just drawing what we find in or around the house. At home in NY we would go for nature walks when the children were smaller, but we have not done this in a long time, There is always so much going on in the afternoons so we hardly find time. I like doing them all together, then you know that they are actually all drawing :). Sometimes when you send them to draw something they just goof off.

  3. Alfresco eating, just great! So pleased that your neighbours are so friendly. The air disaster in Germany is so very sad, my heart goes out to the pilot's parents, they must be utterly devastated :-(

    Sending you much love on a grey, rainy Saturday from our side of the pond!!!

    San xx

    1. In NY you would not do that in March, way too cold then :).

      Yes, the disaster is just hard to understand, we even prayed in church on Palm Sunday for the people involved in the crash. Normally news from Europe don't reach the U.S. so much.

  4. Unsere Kinder lernen auch gerne draussen oder sitzen einfach gern in der Sonne und lesen. Finde ich ja toll, dass es auf dem Campus eine eigene Area dafür gibt. Geniesst das wunderbare Wetter, hier regnet es sich gerade ein, das Aprilwetter eilt dem Monat vorraus. Ist das nicht schrecklich, was da mit dem Flieger passiert ist? Wir sind alle völlig geschockt gewesen und haben viel an die Angehörigen gedacht und darüber gesprochen. Liebe Grüße an alle! Angie

    1. Ja, dieser Campus lädt wirklich zum Lesen draußen ein. Es gibt auch eine schicke Dachterrasse auf einem anderen Gebäude. Man darf sich nur nicht ablenken lassen.

      Ja, das Unglück ist sehr tragisch. Man kann es wirklich nicht verstehen, aber das ist ja oft so, bei Katastrophen.


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