Sunday, March 29, 2015


Here are a few last pictures of LACMA and also of L.A. downtown.
Hier nun die letzten Fotos von LACMA und der Innenstadt von L.A.

Matisse (Kacheln)

 They had a wonderful small exhibition on Barlach.  Here you can see woodcuts about the seven days of creation.   This picture shows the first day.
Es gab eine kleine Sonderausstellung über Barlach.  Unter anderem konnte man Holzschnitte zu den sieben Schöpfungstagen sehen.  Oben ist der erste Tag.

 This was called "God Paunch or Belly"
Gott Bauch

 The seventh day
Der siebente Tag

 Laughing old woman
Lachende Alte

"Erlkönig" (My students just read this ballad.)
"Erlkönig":  Meine Studenten mußten die Ballade neulich lesen.

 Käthe Kollwitz: Self Portrait (I always liked Käthe Kollwitz.)
Käthe Kollwitz: Selbstporträt

 Paul Klee

 Chagall: Violinist on a bench
Chagall: Geigenspieler auf einer Bank

We saw many, many, many more paintings, sculptures, etc,, but taking pictures was not always allowed, so I simply stopped and enjoyed what the museum had to offer.  It was truly amazing and we could not see it all.  

Wir haben noch viele, viele, viele andere Kunstwerke gesehen, aber man durfte nicht überall fotografieren und so habe ich einfach den Museumsbesuch genossen, ohne mich um Fotos zu kümmern.  Es war erstaunlich, was diese Museum alles zu bieten hatte.  Wir konnten gar nicht alles sehen.  

 Right before they closed we took the escalator up to have a view of:
Kurz vor Museumsschluß haben wir die Rolltreppe genommen, um: 

Hollywood zu sehen!

Roof of museum

 Driving to downtown L.A.
Fahrt in die Innenstadt

 Visiting the Last Bookstore downtown L.A.
Besuch des Buchladens Last Bookstore in der Innenstadt

 Those are books up there!
Das da oben sind Bücher!

And look at the books here!
Und hier sind noch mehr!


  1. Wonderful museum and fabulous bookstore! There was a yarn store also (I was looking at the bookstore's website). What a great place! Did you buy a book or two?

    I love the Matisse piece and the Kathe Kollwitz self-portrait. Have you ever been to her museum in Berlin?

    1. The yarn store was closed because it was Sunday. We have noticed that quite a few stores here close on Sundays and most bigger stores are never open 24 hours. So we did not get to look at the yarn store. Each child chose a used book, Jonathan picked one about King Arthur, Charlotte a book with three Eva Ibbotson books in it, Miriam "The Penderwicks," Veronika chose "The Platkops Children," and Flora a picture book by Enid Blyton. I found "St. Helena and the True Cross," by Louis de Wohl (an older edition of the Vision Books series).

      We did find a yarn store in San Dimas. Peter went there with Veronika, Miriam, and Flora when Jonathan and Charlotte had Latin and bought stitch holders.

      I have not been to the museum in Berlin, but there is a good one in Köln in a bank. I used to go to that whenever I had to run errands in Köln. Köln also has a wonderful angel by Barlach
      here. This church is right downtown where all the shops are and I used to stop there frequently.

    2. What a very pretty church in Köln! It's nice to see the Barlach angel there.

      All of you chose some very interesting and nice books! I think the store had quite a large selection! It must have been fun to browse through :)

    3. You could spend easily a whole day in the store, but they don't have bathrooms and no place to eat or drink, so I guess most people would not stay that long. There were several floors and many rooms, I don't even know if we saw it all because we got there so late. But a great place for a rainy day.

  2. Welch Unterschied zu eurem Dorf! Riesig, enorm! Sehr schönes Museum und auch im Bücherladen, könnte ich Stunden verbringen.

    1. Ja, das war alles ein aufregendes Erlebnis, aber anschließend waren wir alle ziemlich müde.


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