Friday, March 27, 2015

Swimming Lessons/Schwimmunterricht

I thought the high temperatures today (94 degrees) deserve a short post on swimming lessons.  We started swimming lessons this week.  Jonathan and Charlotte are in one small group (just one other boy) and the three other girls are in a second group.  The pool is a heated outdoor pool on campus.  The lessons are only focusing on breaststroke and everybody is making good progress.  I will finish my L.A. post soon.

Die heißen Temperaturen heute (34 Grad) verdienen einen Eintrag über unseren Schwimmkurs.  Wir haben diese Woche mit Schwimmunterricht angefangen.  Jonathan und Charlotte sind mit einem anderen Jungen in einer Gruppe, die drei anderen Mädchen in einer anderen.  Das Schwimmbecken ist beheizt und gehört zu Peters Uni.  Die Kinder lernen nur Brustschwimmen, eine Schwimmart, die amerikanische Kinder eher selten lernen.  Alle Kinder haben schon gute Fortschritte gemacht.  Meinen Los Angeles Bericht werde ich auch noch zu Ende schreiben, aber heute ist es zu heiß dafür.    


  1. All that lovely sun! Pip passed her 10 metre swim and so has moved into the next class. She loves her swimming lessons!

    Things have been hectic at this end and I have been making good progress to be in bed and asleep by ten, hence my absence here and in my space! I need the sleep and our days start early just after six!

    Hope to post some pics soon xx

    1. Yes, lots and lots of sun! Did Pip swim breaststroke? I don't think Flora will know how to do this by the end, but she is practicing quite a bit. We only have four lessons. Otherwise it will be too expensive.

      Asleep by ten! That is amazing. I normally don't get to go bed until way past midnight. I have too many things to do at night. Looking forward to a new post from you.

  2. Isn't California funny? They have heated swimming pools and it is so warm there! Greg said, "But the nights are cool!" He also said that if you come from Florida, California is cold. I could only laugh, and point out to him that they don't have heated pools in Florida, and they also don't have the amount of in-ground pools per household that southern California has (which is an interesting southern Cal phenomenon I think . . in the valleys . . San Fernando Valley and Conejo Valley . . do many of the houses in your neighborhood have in-ground pools?)

    Anyway!!! I think it's so great that you're doing swimming lessons! You don't need a lot, just a few to get the idea :) It's good to go a lot if you can. Are you able to you use the pool whenever you want? Swimming is such good exercise . . are you swimming too? I love seeing our bathing suit on Veronika :) What do the children think of the heated water??!!

    You need more sleep! But I'm not one to talk . . I usually don't get to sleep before midnight either. (Sigh). Ah well. Be careful, though, Eva. We all want you to stay healthy and strong :) I'm glad San has been able to do so. Sleep is really so important.

    1. Yes, that is kind of strange to have heated pools, but Flora thought the water was cold, nevertheless. But I guess since she is still little it must feel colder. Greg has a point, the nights are cool, but I would never call California cold. It is just not as humid as Florida. Around here almost nobody has a pool, but that might be because the Chinese people are not accustomed to them. I think some other areas might have more, but all in all we have not seen very many. Maybe Beverly Hills?

      The lessons are good, unfortunately the pool has really crazy opening hours for the general public, either early in the morning (like 6:00 a.m.) or during lunch time. That is not very convenient for us. I think the hours are better during the summer. It is also really cheap, just $1.00! But so far, I have not been in it because of the hours. The swimming lessons are in the afternoons and they also have teams practicing then. I love swimming and would like to go, but I guess it won't really happen. We also do not have a pool nearby that is open at this time of year. Veronika really likes this bathing suit. She always picks it although we brought along several ones of yours.

      You are right, I should sleep more, but it is so hard to get something done with the children all around me. So most of my computer work is at night.

  3. Schöne Gelegenheit! Schwimmen können ist doch wirklich ganz nützlich.

    Du darfst uns gerne etwas Wärme senden :))

    1. Ja, Jonathan und Charlotte können es im Prinzip, Miriam und Veronika brauchen noch ein wenig Übung, nur Flora muß noch viel üben.

      Hiermit schicke ich ein wenig Wärme, vielleicht kommt sie bis Ostern an.


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