Monday, September 30, 2013

St. Michael

The Latin Mass on Sunday remembered St. Michael, but not the regular Mass. Our own little Michaelmas celebration consisted of the dragon bread and formed dragons. We are singing Michael songs this week and are also adding stones to the scale. We missed the Michaelmas at the Waldorf School because I had to teach. That was so sad! Maybe next year it will work out. Here a few pictures of our celebration this year. 

Die lateinische Messe am Sonntag hat St. Michael geehrt, aber nicht die normale Messe. Unsere kleine Feier hier bestand wieder aus Drachenbrot und geformten Drachen. Wir singen diese Woche Michaelilieder und fügen Steine unserer Waage hinzu. Wir konnten leider nicht das Michaelifest der Waldorfschule besuchen, weil ich unterrichten mußte. Das war eine große Enttäuschung. Hoffentlich klappt das nächstes Jahr! Hier sind einige Fotos unserer Feier von diesem Jahr

 Some of the ingredients 
Einige der Zutaten

 Sowing the seeds
Säen der Samen

 Plowing the ground
Pflügen des Bodens


 Flora's dragon is sleeping, that's why she covered his eyes :).
Floras Drachen schläft, deshalb hat sie die Augen bedeckt :). 





 Oat cookies to give us strengh.
Haferflockenplätzchen, um uns zu stärken.



  1. Das sind wieder schöne Drachenbrote geworden! Ja, schade dass ihr an der Feier der Waldorfschule diesmal nicht teilnehmen konntet...
    Wie ich an der Kleidung der Mädchen sehe, sind die Temperaturen wohl wieder etwas sommerlicher geworden, oder?
    Schönen Oktoberbeginn,

    1. Danke, Sybille, ja, die Feier habe ich vermißt, ist sie doch immer besonders schön, aber es ging halt nicht, und die Fahrt dauert ja auch eine Stunde.

      Das Wetter ist wunderbar im Moment: Nachts wird es sehr kalt, doch tagsüber kommt man ins Schwitzen, auch wenn es eine Herbsthitze ist. Wir genießen diese letzten schönen Herbsttage sehr.

      Ich schreibe noch auf Deine Mail zurück. Eine dicke Umarmung aus Amerika!

  2. We missed the celebration this year, your breads look good, so sorry that you missed the Waldorf gathering.


    1. Too bad you missed it. Was there no time? How have you been?

  3. Wonderful dragons! I would love it if more feasts were a part of regular Sunday Mass. Our priests received permission to celebrate the Feast of the Sorrowful Mother a few weeks ago and it was so beautiful! We are still working on celebrating St. Michael this week. We have a Choir of Angels coloring book, archangel saints stories, and I thought maybe Autumn color leaf angels in clear contact paper for book marks or gift ornaments. Barbara

    1. Do you have a picture of the leaf angels? That sounds very pretty. Tomorrow is the feast of the guardian angels and Raphael is on October 24th, at least in Germany. I think it is sad that the church does not celebrate these days more. Especially for children they are very meaningful. The celebration of the Feast of the Sorrowful Mother sounds wonderful.

  4. There have been big changes around here, Sara has moved to Uni and Pip has started school, but I'm not convinced that school is really the best place for Pip, too much hassle over reading and writing and acquiring unfriendly habits from other kids in the playground! To be honest I felt pushed into sending her to school from others outside of the family, but as I suspected we have the worst of both worlds ... rigid timetabling and pressures in the school environment and isolation on the home ed front!!! Needless to say, I'm still not at peace and have some big decisions to make! Hence my absence in blog land!

    Love to you

    San and all xxxx

    1. Doesn't sound so ideal, and she is still so little!! I hope you will find a good solution. I'll be praying for you.

  5. hello eva, thank you for sharing your michaelmas celebration. it's very peaceful and beautiful and inspiring to read about. our oven is still on the blink . . greg and i need to sit down together and see how to troubleshoot it from some online sources . . but every weekend is so busy.

    1. Oh, I do hope you can get it working again. Especially with the colder weather coming, a warm oven is something useful then.


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