Wednesday, September 25, 2013

St. Francis/Fanziskus

Veronika and I have started on a block of saints.  Our first saint was St. Francis.  We read about the wolf of Gubbio and Veronika modeled a wolf out of beeswax all by herself without any help.

Veronika und ich haben eine Epocke über Heilige angefangen.  Unser erster Heiliger war der heilige Franziskus.  Wir haben über den Wolf von Gubbio gelesen, und Veronika hat ganz alleine aus Bienenwachs einen Wolf geknetet.

She has also read two picture books about St. Francis: St. Francis from Brian Wildsmith and St. Francis of Assisi: The Saint of Joy.  Below are pages from both books.  Our church will have a blessing of the animals for the feast of St. Francis in October.  Hopefully we will be able to take Julius there.

Sie hat auch zwei Bilderbücher selbst gelesen: Franziskus von Brian Wildsmith und Saint Francis of Assisi: A Life of Joy.  Unten sind Seiten aus beiden Büchern.  Unsere Kirche segnet immer Tiere zum Festtag des heiligen Franziskus im Oktober.  Hoffentlich können wir Julius dann in die Kirche bringen.

Brian Wildsmith

Robert F. Kennedy's book

Another wonderful way to remember this saint is to recite the Canticle of the Sun.  Noch eine schöne Idee ist es, den Sonnengesang des Franziskus zu lernen und aufzusagen.

There is also the very popular modern hymn of it by Marty Haugen.  Es gibt auch eine beliebte moderne amerikanische Kirchenliedfassung von Marty Haugen davon.

And last, but not least, the film Brother Sun and Sister Moon has its own interpretation of it:  Und dann gibt es noch eine Fassung aus dem Film Bruder Sonne, Schwester Mond


  1. St. Francis is always so special to read about. I like Veronika's wolf . . and that would be fun to take Julius to the blessing of the animals! Keep us posted :)

    1. The church is not far, but Julius is gone quite often, so I don't know if he will be "available" :). We took him twice to our old church for a blessing, but that was earlier in the day. He tends to stay indoors in the mornings. We'll see how it goes.

  2. We watched an amazing dramatisation of st francis o ewtn i will try and find the link and send it to you. Lovely wolf Veronika.

    San xx

    1. Oh, please, do find it. Maybe it's good for the older ones! I'll pass on the compliment to Veronika. She has a cold right now and is not feeling well. That will cheer her up.

  3. Eva, thank you so much for sharing this on St. Francis! Wonderful! I was just recently looking at what books I want to add to our home library on St. Francis. Also, have you seen the play by the St. Clare Sisters in Roswell, New Mexico titled, "The Wolf of Gubbio?" The book is called Praise Him With Your Very Life and CHC sells it. Blessings, Barbara

    1. Barbara, I have heard of the book, but I have never seen it. Thanks for mentioning it. I'll check into it.


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