Tuesday, September 10, 2013

La Table Française

One of my colleagues, a French professor, offers a French speaking table for lunch in the dining-hall every Tuesday.  Today Jonathan and Charlotte tried their luck there.  They understood almost everything and could even say something.  They will now alternate French and homeschool co-op on Tuesdays.  

Einer meiner Kollegen ist Französischprofessor und bietet einen französischen Tisch jeden Dienstag zum Mittagessen in der Mensa an.  Dort kann man beim Essen Französisch sprechen.  Heute haben Jonathan und Charlotte das mal ausprobiert.  Sie haben fast alles verstanden und konnten auch einiges sagen.  Jetzt werden sie dienstags immer abwechselnd zu Französisch und dem Co-op der Heimschüler gehen.       

Today it was almost 90 degrees, so the college had free Popsicles for everybody.  Flora really enjoyed hers.

Heute waren es fast 32 Grad, deshalb hat das College kostenloses Leckeis verteilt.  Flora mochte ihr Eis besonders gerne.   


  1. What luck for J and C, Dave will be envious when I tell him, as he's a real Francophile!

    Can't get over how grown up Flora is looking, that Ice Lolly looks yummy.

    Are you teaching classes during the day, if so are the kids on campus most days? Your days certainly sound even more interesting than usual!

    San x

    1. Does Dave speak French? If so he should teach your children! Yes, Flora keeps telling me she will never get big, but she is growing, not a baby anymore.

      I teach Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 10:05 a.m. We are on campus from 8:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. I do have office hours on Wednesdays for one hour in the afternoon, but I go by myself.

  2. Bravo pour le français! Das mit dem Französischtisch ist wirklich eine tolle Gelegenheit.
    Wow 32°, hier sinds keine 11° mehr am Tag, in der Nacht natürlich noch kälter.

    1. Ja, so können sie es mehr hören. Der Professor ist auch ein französicher Muttersprachler, dann ist es noch besser.

      Es war heute auch wieder so heiß, aber morgen soll es kalt werden. Verrücktes Wetter!!

  3. dearest eva,

    thinking of you!!! i hope all is quite well and you are hanging onto your sanity since it is still early in the year! depend on the children in small ways :) i saw you mentioned that peter will be in nyc! please let me know when :) also, i hope you have you glasses by now!!

    i read with astonishment the tale about the child falling into the sinkhole in indiana dunes state park!!! he was so blessed. what a scary accident. i hope they find all sinkholes before someone falls in. it's such a beautiful place.

    according to my weather information, it has been very cold by you! at least 10 degrees less than here . . that put you in the 40's i think last night!!!?? it's very cool today here in nyc but we are all loving it. i used to be a summer baby, but now enjoy the autumn so much.

    chanda has one more book report to do on a fascinating woman marine biologist. as soon as she finishes, i'll post all three reports :)

    nathan hale was so young when he died. greg commented that he may not have been the best spy! i just feel so much for his parents. i found his statue in DC very moving. i hope you show it to miriam. i believe i have a link to it on my blog from when we visited. i think his quote is very moving. also, we read lois lenski's _ocean born mary_ when we were on montauk in august. it was very interesting in regard to it's portrayal of the british. after reading it i could really understand how so many americans just wanted the british out of the colonies! i highly recommend it if you can find it. i think it's fine for the little ones too.

    check out "iron bed history:" http://www.fineironbeds.com/iron-beds-quality.asp
    they were actually made here in the states before wwi. the american made beds were considered superior to european made ones, (according to this website . . it's difficult finding info on the web about early american iron production) and that's why i suppose mr. gillette had them! wrought iron was also very popular during the 17th century in britain during the reign of william and mary, so it may have been quite common place during the early 1900's. there was actually an iron works company in the 1600's in virginia but was attacked by native americans in 1622! (look at "falling creek ironworks" on wikipedia).

    i hope you have a very peaceful sunday :)


    1. Dear Dorina, you and the associate dean's wife made my day today, after a very hectic week. (She was going for a walk in our street while I was doing yard work with the children. She came up to me and thanked me for my German class. She is in the music department and her students are strongly encouraged to take German, especially the voice students. She told me they all really like the class.) It's been kind of crazy around here, with all our afternoon activities in full swing, Peter gone almost every night, and I'm grading my first exam. I hope that this coming week will be of a slower pace. At least Peter won't be gone each night. I haven't received my glasses yet, because we can't find time to pick them up! Either I teach, or Peter, or one of us has office hours, or Jonathan and Charlotte teach ballet! I need Peter to drive me there and Jonathan also needs to come along because he will have to try out his new glasses too. There are always some small adjustments that need to be made, so each of us has be there in person. Jonathan and Charlotte also need new ballet shoes, maybe we can combine those errands.

      Yes, it is quite cold at night, in the 40's. The heat is going on. The days are beautiful, though. Peter is coming to NYC in November, he is giving a paper at a conference. I'll let you know more about it soon. Wouldn't it be great if you could meet for a cup of coffee (or tea) somewhere? Maybe he and Greg could sit together and read instead of talk :).

      Thanks for the info on the beds. That is very interesting. I just thought they looked as if they didn't belong. I'll show Miriam the statue on Monday when we do dictation again. Then Nathan won't seem to be so distant!

      I'll be looking forward to reading about those book reports. By the way, we are reading "The Star of Kazan" right now!! Thanks for the tip.

      Our Sunday was peaceful except that Peter and I have a cold. Peter's was so bad that he couldn't cantor in church today. They had to find a substitute late last night for this morning. I'm feeling better now and hope to be able to teach without Kleenex tomorrow. I had baked an applesauce cake for today that everybody loved. Something new.

      Time for bed so I can talk to a student before class tomorrow morning.

      Love to all of you.


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