Saturday, March 3, 2018

Walk with Kai and Trip to Buffalo/Spaziergang mit Kai und Ausflug nach Buffalo

The girls went for a walk on Wednesday and this time Kai went along.  He has never done this so far.
Die Mädchen sind am Mittwoch spazieren gegangen und zum ersten Mal ist Kai mitgegangen.  

 Some kind of mushroom?
Eine Pilzsorte?


On Thursday, we drove to Buffalo to run some errands.  On the way back, we were hit by a heavy snowstorm.  The storm was supposed to come Friday, but it decided to interrupt our travels on Thursday.

Am Donnerstag sind wir nach Buffalo zum Einkaufen gefahren.  Auf der Rückfahrt sind wir in einen heftigen Schneesturm geraten.  Dieser Sturm sollte erst Freitag kommen, aber er hat sich entschlossen, uns am Donnerstag zu überraschen.  

 No snow, just fog!
Kein Schnee, nur Nebel!

 Stopping at a consignment store for the $ 2.00 sale.
Wir halten beim Secondhandladen an, weil viele Dinge nur 2 Dollar kosten.

 Smelling bulk soap and bath salts at Wegmans.
Mal an Seife und Badesalzen im Supermarkt schnuppern.  Man kann alles selbst abpacken.

 Ballet store

 Three girls needed new slippers, Flora only needed new tights.
Drei Mädchen brauchten neue Ballettschuhe, Flora nur eine neue Strumpfhose.

 Driving past the airport
Am Flughafen vorbei

 Incoming plane
Ein Flugzeug landet gleich.

 And then the snow came.
Und dann fing es an zu schneien,

 And this was the result: 2 feet of new snow, power outages, fallen trees.
Und das war das Ergebnis: über 60 cm Neuschnee, Stromausfall und umgefallene Bäume.

Tree fallen over on campus.
Umgefallener Baum beim College.

In front of our office building
Vor unseren Büros

 So the girls decided to do some baking.
Da haben die Mädchen gedacht, sie sollten einfach etwas backen.


  1. Hello Eva, I always find it very stressful driving in the snow. It's good Peter was with you :) What a lovely day you had then on Friday, and the tiny jam muffins look delicious! Despite the snow on Thursday, it looked like a fun day buying slippers and tights for your lovely ballerinas (and I love how your cats take walks with you!)

    1. Yes, especially when you know there are no houses and people around you, in case you get stuck. It was a nice day, except the ride back and I was very happy to have my dependable and capable husband with me!

  2. We fared really well compared to the rest of the country. My brother lives an hour away from us in a really remote hilly area and so he was blasted with snow drifts and incessant easterly winds. Hope you are all keeping warm and well xx

    1. There are still people without power and the county has opened warming shelters. We were so lucky, we did not lose power, but other people in our village did.

      I heard that somebody in Edinburgh got snowed in. Is that true?


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