Thursday, March 29, 2018

Last Week and Holy Week/Letzte Woche und Karwoche

I just finished putting crosses on our hot cross buns for tomorrow and now I thought I should try to update my posts here.  I found a few pictures I had not posted so far.  First of all some random homeschooling pictures:

Ich habe gerade die Kreuze auf unserer Karfreitagsbrötchen gemalt und jetzt schreibe ich hier mal wieder.  Ich habe noch ein paar Fotos gefunden, die hier auf den Blog sollten.  Also erst einmal die Unterrichtsfotos:

 Another chemistry experiment: Eggs Benedict with homemade sauce hollandaise!  Charlotte and Miriam did a really good job!
Noch ein Chemieexperiment: Eier Benedikt mit echter Sauce Hollondaise!  Charlotte und Miriam sind wirklich ausgezeichnete Köchinnen!

 Flora is in the middle of a main lesson on measuring: Here she is measuring the feet of all members of the family.
Flora lernt, wie man mißt.  Hier mißt sie die Füße aller Familienmitglieder.

 Charlotte is listening to music from the Civil War era for her American history.
Charlotte hört sich Musik aus der Zeit der Unabhängigkeitskriege in amerikanischer Geschichte an.

Reading about the Exodus
Lesen über den Auszug aus Ägypten

And now some other pictures:
Und jetzt andere Fotos:

 Sleeping Kai
Schlafender Kai

 Growing Easter grass
Wachsendes Ostergras

 Pictures for Holy Thursday
Bilder für Gründonnerstag

 Flora made this chick today.
Flora hat dieses Küken heute gemacht.

Coloring some symbols for Holy Week
Wir malen Symbole für die Karwoche an.

 Miriam, Veronika, and Flora colored some eggs with Miriam's art teacher.
Miriam, Veronika und Flora haben Ostereier mit Miriams Kunstlehrerin angemalt.

 Green soup for Holy Thursday
Grüne Suppe für Gründonnerstag

On our way to church this evening: It is raining and the snow is finally melting.
Auf dem Weg zur Kirche heute abend: Es regnet und der Schnee schmilzt.

We are reading Brian Wildsmith's Easter picture book this week. 
Diese Woche lesen wir die Ostergeschichte von Brian Wildsmith.


  1. Benedict loves eggs Benedict!! Your Holy Week preparations as always are thoughtful and beautiful. Hope you enjoyed your hot cross buns today ❤️

    1. That is rather funny that he loves them :). The buns were good, there are still a few left for tomorrow morning. Thanks for your kind words!

  2. I agree with San :) and I love hollandaise sauce. Kudos to the girls for making it.

    I just read about Thursday Green Soup here

    I hope I placed the hyperlink correctly! I sometimes mess it up :P

    (It looks like a nice website.)

    I'd like to make the soup a part of our Easter celebration. I find it more difficult with just Chanda to remember the new preparations I'd like to follow.

  3. Thanks for the link, it does look nice. The soup is easy to make and there are several recipes out there. I did not grow up with this soup, but added it to our traditions here. It is also in one of those British Waldorf books, maybe "Festivals, Family, and Food." I would have to check. Give it a try! Just make a note at the beginning of Holy Week and then it should not be so hard.


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