Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Father Barron/Pfarrer Barron

What a surprise!  Father Barron has been appointed auxiliary bishop of the Los Angeles diocese.  Jonathan and I really enjoyed his Catholicism series.

So eine Überraschung!  Pfarrer Barron ist heute morgen zum Weihbischof der Los Angeles Diözese ernannt worden.  Jonathan und ich haben seine Serie Catholicism zusammen mit anderen Pfarrgemeindemitgliedern gesehen, und sie hat uns sehr gut gefallen.  


  1. Dear Eva,

    I thought about sending the same post from Word on Fire to you this morning! But you beat me to it!!!

    Hope you all can stay as cool as possible! Our temperatures were pretty warm a week ago but now we are back to misty and 60 degrees.

    We start swim lessons later on this week but the main pool is indoor so that helps!

    I have plenty of comments for your other posts, but they haven't made it out of my head yet:)

    Take care and God bless,

    1. I found it early in my e-mail this morning. Maybe with the different time zones I got to see it first :).

      It has gotten cooler, at least today. It is supposed to be just 73 degrees tomorrow. Where is a pool in your area? Do you have to drive far?

      I hope you will get a chance to comment.


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