Friday, July 17, 2015

Das Café der toten Philosophen/The Dead Philosphers' Cafè

Heute haben wir mit einem neuen Philosophiebuch angefangen, nachdem wir mit Sofies Welt fertig sind.  Es heißt Das Café der toten Philosphen und stammt von einem ehemaligen Kollegen von mir, Vittori Hösle, der einen Briefwechsel mit einem jungen Mädchen hier wiedergibt.    

Today we started a new philosophy book, having finished Sophie's World.  Our new book  is originally a German book.  The English translation is called The Dead Philophers' Café.  It was partly written by Vittorio Hösle, who is a professor at Notre Dame and was in my department there.

Veronika had her last summer camp day today.  Here you can see what she made.

Veronika hatte heute ihren letzten Ferienlagertag.  Hier kann man sehen, was sie gemacht hat.  

 An Eastern Bluebird and its nest
Ein Rotkehl-Hüttensänger und sein Nest

 A nesting box (yes, it is for real birds)
Ein Nistkasten für echte Vögel

Drei gewinnt

A napkin holder
Ein Serviettenhalter

This morning my camera stopped working.  So I borrowed Flora's.  I kind of doubt that it can still be repaired, it is fairly old.

Heute morgen hat mein Fotoapparat aufgehört zu funktionieren.  Deshalb habe ich Floras ausgeliehen.  Ich glaube nicht, daß man ihn noch reparieren kann, er ist schon ziemlich alt.      


  1. Such beautiful wood projects! Please tell Veronika they look wonderful, and I hope you get a bluebird in your bluebird house :)

    Korrina and Morgana read _Sophie's World_. Chanda hasn't as yet. I would like to look at _The Dead Philosopher's Cafe_ too.

    The heat is dreadful, Eva. I hope it breaks for you soon . . and I hope it does for us too!

    1. I will tell her, I think she was very happy about her work. We have not decided where to hang the bluebird house. Julius is really bad with getting birds right now. So it is hard to find a good spot.

      "The Dead Philosophers' Cafe" is not an easy read, but amusing. It helps that I know the author and his personality. He is one of those rare intellectual "miracle scholars." You should look him up. He is a rather "fast" person. His twin girls were born the same year as Charlotte.


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