Wednesday, July 15, 2015


While learning about Costa Rica from the German living geography book Indios, Inkas, Immigranten, we tried cooking chayote today.  This is a squash from Costa Rica and was on sale at our local grocery store!  This was very surprising because that grocery store has not even local greens like kale, collard greens, etc.  We thought that they must have gotten a wrong shipment and did not know what to do with it.  Anyway, chayote has a mild flavor and cooks fairly quickly.  It needs to be peeled and I read that you should always do that under running cold water because directly under the peel is a substance that burns your hands!!  I did not want to risk it and followed that advice.

Da wir im Moment etwas über das Land Costa Rica in dem lebendig geschriebenen Buch Indios, Inkas, Immigranten lesen, haben wir eine Chayote probiert.  Das ist eine Kürbisart aus Costa Rica und sie war erstaunlicherweise in unserem einzigen Lebensmittelladen, der im Nachbardorf ist, im Angebot.  Dieser Laden hat eine sehr geringe Auswahl, sie verkaufen nicht einmal Grünkohl oder Blattkohl, zwei Gemüsesorten, die hier sonst überall verkauft werden und die wir viel essen.  Wahrscheinlich waren die Chayoten eine falsche Lieferung, und sie wußten im Laden nicht, was sie damit tun sollten.  Also haben sie sie billig verkauft.  Die Chayote schmeckt mild und läßt sich gut kochen.  Man muß sie nur unter fließendem Wasser schälen, weil direkt unter der Schale eine Flüssigkeit sitzt, die die Hände verätzen kann.

Cut open chayote
Aufgenschnittene Chayote

We have had crazy weather.  There was a very violent storm yesterday, some towns in our county were flooded this morning and declared a state of emergency.  People were trapped in houses and roads were washed away.  It was quite cold today, Jonathan got out his woolen coat to take my old laptop back to campus.  I think I have transferred all my old files to an external hard drive now and can work with my new laptop.

Im Moment haben wir ganz verrücktes Sommerwetter.  Gestern gab es schreckliche Unwetter, einige Orte in unserem Landkreis haben den Notstand ausgerufen, weil der viele Regen Brücken und Straßen weggschwemmt hat.  Einige Menschen konnten sogar ihre Häuser nicht mehr verlassen, weil sie von reißenden Strömen im Garten umgeben waren!  Heute war es dann sehr kühl, Jonathan hat sogar seine Wolljacke getragen, als er meinen alten Laptop, von dem ich jetzt alle alten Dokumente gespeichert habe, wieder dem College zurückgebracht hat.

Other than that, we have been doing some astronomy,
Sonst haben wir ein bißchen Astronomie, 

some gardening,
ein bißchen Gartenarbeit,

some playing,
ein paar Brettspiele,

some formdrawing,
ein bißchen Formenzeichnen

and some looking out of the window because it has been too wet to go outside.
und ein bißchen aus dem Fenster Gucken gemacht, weil es draußen zu naß war.  


  1. I began a comment but think it got lost . .

    What a fun surprise to come across the chayote! I read a little bit about the sap and how it can burn and numb one's hand. It's good you wore gloves! We've never had this before. It sounds interesting. I guess all the sap washes away before you eat it? It wouldn't be pleasant to get on one's lips!

    Isn't the weather strange, Eva? We've had several very hot and humid days and now this evening there is a very strong, cool breeze. Perhaps it's the remnants of your storm.

    That is a sweet picture of Julius :)

    1. Oh, that is always so annoying when they disappear! I think it all washes away because none of us had any problems. Maybe the heat destroys it too, I am not sure.

      Yes, the weather is crazy. One day hot, one day it smells like fall. Really weird. Maybe it was our storm. They even thought that there was a tornado touch down close to Almond, I believe.

      Julius did not like this kind of weather. Although it is good to have him inside, he is killing too many critters these days.

  2. We have finally had some sun! Cannot believe that J was wearing a woolly coat though and those storms sound horrendous.

    I loved the picture of J and Flora playing and the peek into the bedroom that I guess she shares with Miriam and Veronika, I could spy her cat buddy on her pillow!

    We too have had computer problems and are still using Sara's old lap top. Dave has finally been able to transfer files onto an external drive and at some point will wipe the hard drive and re install windows. Computers are great when they work but when they fail it can be a nightmare!!

    Thanks for also sharing the unusual veg and well done to you for reading up on the hazards of dealing with it and it looks so harmless too!

    Love to you

    San and all xx

    1. I am so glad you got some sun! After all, it is summer. We have had the heat go on several times this summer (the American heating system is normally forced air and goes on automatically). That feels wrong too.

      Yes, Veronika, Miriam, and Flora are sharing one room, Jonathan has his own, but it is also a playroom, and Charlotte sleeps in the study. Our house is too small to give each child his her own room.

      Yes, computers are very complicated. Without the people from the help desk, we would be lost. Peter and I don't know anything about the insides of these wonders of technology. It is kind of funny because some of the people working at the help desk are my students!!

      Yes, just a small green fruit, not very pretty or special, but kind of dangerous. Maybe you can find it somewhere where you live.


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