Friday, December 12, 2014

Nutcracker Rehearsal/Nußknackerprobe

When we were finally all set to go to the rehearsal tonight (all children needed hair and make-up tonight and we had to free our car from the snow), it was almost dark.

Als wir endlich alle so weit waren, daß wir zur Generalprobe fahren konnten (alle Kinder brauchten heute die richtigen Frisuren und Makeup und unser Auto mußte ausgebuddelt werden), war es schon fast dunkel, obwohl es erst ungefähr 17.00 Uhr war.  

The performance and the rehearsals are in an old library building.
Die Aufführung und die Proben finden in einer alten Bücherei statt.  

Right across from the hospital Veronika and Flora were born at.
Genau gegenüber des Krankenhauses, in dem Veronika und Flora das Licht der Welt erblickt haben.  

In a little picturesque town.
In einem kleinen recht malerischen Städtchen.

With interesting trees.  Can you guess what this is?
Mit interessanten Bäumen?  Ja, was ist denn das?

There is a small auditorium and stage in the library.
Die Bücherei hat eine kleine Bühne.  

Here are a few of the dancers.
Hier nun mehrere Tänzer.

Soldier Miriam 
Soldat Miriam

Nutcracker Jonathan
Nußknacker Jonathan

From behind
Von hinten

Now look at their feet!!
Diese Füße!!

Clara receives the nutcracker.
Klara bekommt den Nußknacker.

Clara and the Nutcracker (The ballet teacher chose a young girl for Clara, eleven years old). 
Klara und der Nußknacker (Die Ballettlehrerin hat ein Mädchen für Klara ausgesucht, die erst elf Jahre alt ist.)

 This was before the official run-through.  Clara is not wearing the right costume.  In the video she is, though.
Diese Aufnahmen sind noch vor dem ersten Durchlauf des Balletts entstanden, und deshalb trägt Klara noch das falsche Kostüm.  In dem Video trägt sie das richtige. 

Flora, the smallest mouse, and Miriam and Veronika as soldiers.  Flora has to fight against Veronika!
Flora ist die kleinste Maus.  Miriam und Veronika sind Soldaten.  Flora muß gegen Veronika kämpfen!

To be continued!  (And I will tell you more about that mystery tree!).
Fortsetzung folgt auch mit Auflösung zu dem geheimnisvollen Baum!  


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks so much, Marlis (Charlotte would say it was awful :)). It went quite well all in all and I am so amazed how they managed to put this together in such a short time.

  2. Das scheint ja alles ganz toll geklappt zu haben!
    Und schneien tut es auch recht ordentlich... brrr, sieht kalt aus! (Hier ist es auch kalt, aber noch kein Schnee, außer weiter oben).

    1. Im großen und ganzen ging alles ganz gut. Die Lehrerin hatte natürlich genug Punkte, die ihr nicht gefielen und die alle dann wieder üben mußten. Hoffentlich klappt alles heute abend und auch morgen.

  3. Bravo Jonathan! Those mice are so cute jumping up and down. Flora fought Veronika very well :) And Miriam too (she's the little bookworm, isn't she?) Was that Charlotte in the last movie? It was lovely. Such pretty pointe work.

    Isn't the music beautiful? I never grow tired of it. Congratulations on making it through opening night, Eva. How wonderful that so many people came. Battle scene is really my favorite. The music is dramatic and exciting.

    So . . was that one picture of snow/sleet falling with a tree, power lines and a streetlight in the distance? Was that what you were asking? The nighttime pictures really make me feel like it's Christmastime. You live in such a nice town :)

    1. Thank you, Dorina. It is too bad that my camera missed his dramatic fall, Somehow it stopped making the video right when he fell (looks dead) and then gets up again to kill the mouse king (second video). Oh well. Yes, Miriam is the bookworm. No, that was the dance teacher, I have not posted a video from Charlotte.

      The music is beautiful. The lady introducing the ballet (somebody from the library) said something similar and she had seen over 20 Nutcracker productions :).

      Take a closer look at the tree. Do you see the top? Do you see the black flecks? Those are hundreds and hundreds of crows!! It was so loud, unbelievable. I have another picture, that shows them a bit better. By the way, this is not where we live. It is in the area, but about forty minutes away. Our hamlet is much, much smaller, so small that it is not even a town. We don't have large buildings like this (other than those of the college).

  4. i just woke up and realized what you meant :) but i thought the crows were leaves. i've never seen crows do that. wow. such hardy birds. it's really winter by you. i had to get the snow off my car before leaving my parents apartment. i'm not used to that. i'm used to opening my door and walking where i want to go.

    1. I posted two more pictures with the crows. Today there was not one there. Very mysterious we thought. Yes, the snow is here to stay. When you are in a hurry it is kind of annoying to do all those things to your car just to be able to drive.

  5. oh that's far to go! and on such dark roads. the headlights on my car aren't very bright and i don't like driving at night. your car must be much better. it looks that way :) it's a big commitment from all of you. i'm glad it was such a warm and positive experience for all of you. we wish you another magical show :) happy nutcracker. happy christmastime xoxo

    1. Yes, it is more than dark here. We always joke that this is what the country must have looked like before the white people came. You can hardly see the road!

      How did your Nutcracker go? Your production looks so much bigger, but we don't have so many people here and have to work with all age groups and abilities.

    2. It was good :) It was the school's Nutcracker and Chanda enjoyed being with her friends, but she really missed the Patrelle one that she had been doing since she was seven. It was just too much to do that one with her school production.

    3. I could never imagine doing more than one either. That would be crazy!

    4. She did do it one year, and it was stressful!!!

    5. I believe that. I guess you would also always compare the two productions.


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