Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Caroling/Reader's Theater--Weihnachtslieder/Lesetheater

Singing Christmas songs with our co-op.
Weihnachtsliedersingen mit den anderen Heimschülern.

 Fellowship and snack time
Gemütliches Beisammensein und ein kleiner Imbiß

 What are we going to sing?
Was singen wir denn heute?

Leading the singing
Die Gruppe, die den Gesang geleitet hat.

Reader's Theater: A Christmas Carol
Lesetheater: Ein Weihnachtsmärchen (von Charles Dickens)

 Before the reading: I don't know what Miriam is telling her friends.
Vor dem Lesen: Keine Ahnung, was Miriam ihren Freundinnen da sagt.  


Miriam had several smaller roles, but I didn't know when it was her turn, so I did not catch her when she was reading.  I did tape just some of the older readers.  The group only had one practice for this performance, but the reading went very well.  We were impressed.  They had been working on other pieces over the last four months.  
Miriam hatte mehrere kleine Rollen, aber ich wußte gar nicht, wann sie dran war und konnte sie so auch nicht filmen.  Dafür habe ich kurz ein paar der älteren Kinder gefilmt.  Die Gruppe hatte dieses Stück nur einmal geübt.  Alles hat wunderbar geklappt, und sie haben sehr gut gelesen.  Während der letzten vier Monate haben sie aber andere Stücke geübt, die sie jedoch nicht vorgetragen haben.    


Well this was yesterday.  Today was the annual Christmas market on campus.  We went today and will also go tomorrow.  Each day is also Nutcracker rehearsal.  We are never back until 9:30 p.m.  Way too late!  And it is snowing, again.  And this is the last week of classes.  And I will have all my German students over for singing on Sunday, but before that there will be two days for the Nutcracker performance.  That's it for today.    

Soldier Veronika 
Soldat Veronika

Das war gestern.  Heute war der jährliche Weihnachtsmarkt beim College.  Morgen gehen wir wider hin.  Außerdem sind jeden Tag Nußknackerproben, von denen wir nicht vor halb zehn abends wieder zu Hause sind.  Viel zu spät.  Es schneit auch wieder.  Letzte Semesterwoche ist fast um, dann kommt eine Woche Abschlußklausuren.  Alle meine Studenten kommen am Sonntag zum Kaffeetrinken, aber davor gibt es zwei Nußknackeraufführungen.  Das wär's für heute.    

Listening to Ms S. as she explains something about the party scene.
Frau S. zuhören, die etwas erklärt.   


  1. Prayers for you all, you must be exhausted! Keep thinking not long Til the end of the week :-)

    Hugs San xx

    1. See how exhausted I am? I cannot even keep track of all my comments anymore. When I think I have answered them all, I find another one. Thanks for the prayers. Today I am feeling more like myself again.

  2. I just finished curling Chanda's hair for dress rehearsal tomorrow. I also just got back today from my parent's new senior housing apartment in Connecticut. I've been away all week and there is so much to catch up on!! Tomorrow Chanda and I have to be at the theatre at 10:30 for dress rehearsal, and then she has a break until the Friday night show. Thankfully, I can come home tomorrow evening, but will be helping out again Saturday night. I'll watch the show on Sunday. How have all of you been holding up?

    I love all your holiday festivities: the caroling, reader's theatre, second Sunday of advent dinner, and the church party. Unfortunately, we haven't begun a holiday reading! We usually read before going to bed, but at least we had a very nice "reunion" dinner this evening. We lit candles Chanda and Greg had brought back from the advent spiral they participated in last Sunday. They both said that it was really nice.

    I'll be thinking of all of you tomorrow and the next day! And I wish you a beautiful Nutcracker :) xoxoxoxo

    1. You sound as busy as I am (an up as late as I am). I don't have to curl any hair, I guess I am lucky :). We had our last rehearsal today and I did take pictures and made some video. I will have to teach one more time tomorrow morning and then we will have the performance at 7:00 p.m. It is a bit hard on Flora, all these late rehearsals and the driving back and forth. She also tends to get car sick. The others are enjoying themselves. I hope it all goes well for you and me. Peter offered help with transporting stage props, but then his car was too small. So we will just watch. There are enough other mothers helping out this time. They don't need me backstage. I hope you will be able to enjoy the performance on Sunday and won't be too tired for it.

      We are reading "Mary's Little Donkey" for everybody. I have not been able to pick a different book for the older ones this year, but that is fine. So nice Greg could go along to the Advent spiral. Are your parents happy? Was the change hard for them?

      Love your red cardinal!

      All the best to you too.

    2. Chanda always had a hard time being dragged around to events for her older sisters. I thought I should have had a babysitter or caregiver for her . . but oh well. She would also get very car sick.

      Mary's Little Donkey is an old time favorite of our's!!! It's just so sweet and beautiful and really makes the story of Christmas feel magical.

      It's a difficult transition for my parents. I'm hoping my sister gets someone in to help them in the mornings. They could use it, and so could she.

    3. Does Chanda still get car sick? I hope Flora will outgrow it eventually, but I never did, so I am not completely hopeful :).

      Even Jonathan still likes "Mary's Little Donkey." It is sweet and also funny. Poor Joseph always gets dragged along.

      Oh, mornings are difficult for older people. I do hope she will find somebody. I still remember that from my grandmother.


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