Saturday, April 19, 2014

Holy Saturday/Karsamstag

Looking for flowering branches, but no luck.
Wir suchen Blütenzweige, aber finden leider keine.  

 We hope that these will flower soon.
Wir hoffen, daß diese hier bald blühen werden.

 The town is so empty without the students.
Ohne die Studenten ist es recht einsam hier.  

 Our neighbor's daffodils
Osterglocken beim Nachbar

Our nature table during Holy Week:.
Unser Jahreszeitentisch in der Karwoche:

 Baking for Easter:
Backen für Ostern:

Celebrating the Easter Vigil:
Feiern der Osternacht:

 Charlotte and Peter after singing in the choir loft:  Their voices were so beautiful!
Charlotte und Peter auf der Empore: Ihre Stimmen waren so schön!

 Jonathan: Extinguishing the candles after Mass
Jonathan: Löschen der Kerzen nach der Messe

 St. Joseph's altar


  1. Liebe Eva,
    ich wünsche euch ein schönes Osterfest!
    Meine Osterkarte wird wohl erst in ziemlicher Verspätung bei dir ankommen, da ich sie zwar schon eine Weile geschrieben hatte, aber erst diese Woche dazu gekommen bin, sie bei der Post aufzugeben.
    Euer Ostergebäck sieht wieder so nett aus! :)
    Lieben Gruß,

    1. Frohe Ostern, liebe Sybille! Da bin ich aber schon gespannt auf die Karte! Habe neulich eine Karte nach Deutschland geschickt. Das Postamt in einem Dorf in der Gegend wollte 6 Dollar Porto dafür haben, unser Postamt hier nur 1. Lustig, nicht wahr?

  2. Happy Easter, Eva. The church is beautiful and how wonderful to hear C and P and J sing. Your Easter grass is doing better than ours. I guess my berries were a bit old. I hope your branches bloom soon. The forsythia is very busy in the city :) but only starting to bud here in Connecticut. I've been at my sister's. We've been having a very nice visit. Korrina borrowed my smartphone as her's went missing for a couple of days, so I haven't been able to post as I usually do. Enjoy your Easter evening. We send all of you much love. xoxo

    1. Thanks, Dorina and happy Easter to you. Jonathan was not part of the choir because he was an altar server. He was the lector this morning, though.

      I thought your Easter grass would be like a field by now!! We did start ours way too late, only Jonathan's has grown that tall. I think we planted it Wednesday maybe? My fault, I know. "Busy" forsythia, that is funny :). Not here, at least, not yet. Maybe Connecticut and our place of the earth are about the same, then. Funny, how different that can be.

      Have a wonderful time with your sister. Has Korrina lost her phone for good?

      Sending love to the whole family. Did you take Jack along?

  3. P.S. Do you use a gluten free flour mix for your hot cross buns and Easter biscuits/cookies? (Morgana have gone off our diet a bit this weekend!!!)

    1. I used my own mix. Is is made of rice flour, sweet rice flour, tapioca flour, and xanthan gum. Would you like the recipe? Is Morgana having any problems going off the diet?

    2. We went off the diet a bit at my sister's, but we're now getting it back together :) I think the important part is to keep up with the broths. I would love the recipe if you ever find a free moment to send it along . . ? With the peanut brittle? Or just make a copy and place it in an envelope? I think it's great that you make your own mix. I think I will share it with my friend whose daughter has celiac disease.

      Jack stays home these days. He's just too blind and deaf and confused to wander around any other space but the apartment. And Korrina found her phone at work. Thank goodness!

      Have your branches bloomed? I have some pictures of my sister's church from Easter Sunday that I will try to post over the weekend.

    3. I will try to get the recipes together this weekend. The peanut brittle recipe is already on the counter in the kitchen.

      You know, we must have picked ones that produce almost only leaves. There are just a few blossoms. The grass looks really good, though. We put it outside today. Hopefully it will not freeze.

      I would love to see the church pictures.


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