Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Art, Dance, Poetry, and Music/Kunst, Tanz, Poesie und Musik

Watercolor class for Jonathan and Charlotte:
Aquarellmalereiunterricht für Jonathan und Charlotte:



After the class they could take the flowers home and finish the paintings at home.  Jonathan still wants to paint a background.

Nach dem Unterricht konnten sie die Blumen mit nach Hause nehmen und die Bilder zu Hause fertig malen. Jonathan will noch einen Hintergrund malen.


Practice for Swan Lake: Miriam is a swan, Charlotte is the black swan, Odile, and Jonathan Siegfried.

Üben für Schwanensee: Miriam ist ein Schwan, Charlotte ist der schwarze Schwan Odile, und Jonathan Siegfried.

Charlotte won first prize in a library poetry contest.

Charlotte hat den ersten Platz bei einem Wettbewerb im Gedichteschreiben einer Bücherei gewonnen.

Tonight was a wonderful classical guitar recital of one of my German students.  I went with Miriam, Jonathan and Charlotte joined us at the intermission.  They came straight from ballet.

Heute abend gab es dann noch ein Abschlußkonzert von einem meiner Deutschstudenten: klassische Gitarre.  Es war wunderschöne Musik.  Miriam war mit mir da, Jonathan und Charlotte kamen nach der Pause direkt vom Ballett.  


  1. Beautiful days! You and Peter must be so proud of their achievements and let them know that little me from across the pond is cheering them on too! It has been so lovely over these past years to learn of and share in their successes, you have some great kids :-)

    I haven't told Pip about Flora's picture, I think the surprise will do her good. She is unhappy at school right now, the last few mornings she has asked me to pray over her :-(. Sometimes they forget that these kids are only little and expect so much from them. I have been honest with her though and told her just how it would be if she were at home, no friends and no getting out especially now I am having to work every day. I am meant to work at least sixteen hours a week but my time exceeds that considerably. It is not just the making, there is research, registering with the tax office and a whole heap of other things that also eat into the time.

    Hope you are OK and not drowning in paperwork!

    Hugs San xx

    1. Thanks, San, I will let them know. So many nice words about their accomplishments.

      We found Flora's picture for Pip again today. After Flora had painted it, she went in search of an envelope and misplaces the letter. Now we can finally send it!! I hope Pip will feel better about school again soon. Your hours sound like mine: I only teach three hours, but then there are office hours, prep work, etc. It is much more we invest in those things than what we are supposed to.

      I finished two oral exams, now I have eight more and the finals next week. Unfortunately, we have to grade everything quickly and hand in our grades because there are quite a few graduating seniors. Peter is also very busy these last days of the semester.

  2. Very nice, Eva! Charlotte and Jonathan are good artists and beautiful dancers! Charlotte has such graceful arms, and Jonathan has a nice, noble presence :) I hope they feel good about their hard work . . all that practicing! Do they like dancing together? It's so nice that you can film their rehearsals. And congratulations to Charlotte for first prize with the contest!

    1. What a sweet compliment! They work hard at it and point out many mistakes they make to each other, but they do enjoy doing this together. They have been quite close ever since they were little (the are only 18 months apart). So dancing together makes them happy. Are you not allowed to film rehearsals?


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