Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Coming weeks/Kommende Wochen

After I have regaled you with so many pictures, there will be fewer coming now.  I have five more classes to teach on campus, then there are oral exams and finals.  It will be quite busy.  All children but Flora are in their last month of ballet rehearsals for Swan Lake now.  Flora will perform a dance suitable for her age.  There is one more co-op class day and then Jonathan will take his class on a field trip to a swamp.  The little girls will miss their co-op.  Jonathan and Charlotte will have two watercolor classes and will take a Mayterm class at the college in botany.  Jonathan has one more literature class left from his online course.  Flora has three more music classes left.  She is really enjoying those and "practices" her songs at home.  Pretty soon we will have to take our annual math and English exams for NYS.  Peter has some conferences coming up.  Jonathan will have one more confirmation class and a retreat in the summer.  The confirmation will be some time in the fall, we do not know when.  Just writing this down makes me dizzy.  So I better get to bed (otherwise my German students will have to deal with a very tired teacher tomorrow morning).  I will try to say "hi" here once in a while.

Nachdem ich meine Leser mit so vielen Fotos verwöhnt habe, werden jetzt weniger kommen.  Ich muß noch fünfmal beim College unterrichten, dann gibt es mündliche Prüfungen und die Abschlußklausur.  Das bedeutet noch viel Arbeit und Zeit.  Alle Kinder bis auf Flora haben diesen Monat extra Proben für Schwanensee.  Floras Gruppe führt etwas auf, was ihrem Alter mehr entspricht.  Die Vorführung ist Ende Mai.  Es gibt noch einen Co-op Tag mit den anderen Heimschülern.  Die kleinen Mädchen werden traurig sein, wenn Co-op zu Ende ist.  Danach macht Jonathan mit seiner Klasse noch einen Vogelerkundungsausflug in einen Sumpf.  Jonathan und Charlotte haben bald zwei Kunstklassen in Aquarellmalerei und machen im Mai ein Maisemester über Botanik beim College.  Jonathan hat noch eine Literaturklasse übrig.  Flora hat noch drei Musikklassen, dann ist sie auch damit fertig.  Das macht ihr viel Spaß.  Sie übt sogar die Lieder zu Hause.  Bald müssen wir unsere standartisierten Tests für New York machen.  Peter hat ein paar Tagungen geplant.  Jonathan hat noch eine Firmunterrichtstunde, dann gibt es noch einen Einkehrtag hier in der Nähe, und die Firmung findet irgendwann im Herbst statt.  Wenn ich das alles aufschreibe, wird mir schon schwindelig.  Also gehe ich jetzt besser ins Bett, sonst haben meine Studenten auch nichts von ihrer Deutschprofessorin morgen früh.  Ich versuche hier ab und zu vorbeizuschauen.  



  1. Vielen Dank Eva für die Fotos der letzten Tage, ich habe es wirklich genossen. Alles Gute für die kommenden Wochen und ja, bitte, schau mal rein und komme bald wieder.

    1. Gern geschehen. Wenn Ferien sind, hat man viel mehr Zeit so etwas zu machen. Jetzt ist Wochenende, da habe ich auch wieder fotografiert.

  2. San:

    I am going to miss you! Reading it all made me tired and I don't have to live it!

    I will write that email soon just been busy being poorly :-)

    Hugs San xx

    1. By accident I deleted your comment instead of publishing it, but it is still in my e-mail, I just cannot publish it anymore.

      I will not be gone, but I won't have much time to write detailed reports with lots of pictures and links. Once the semester is over (mid-May) I will be able to write more again.

      Take care and get well again!!

      Love to all of you!

  3. hello eva! i hope maybe you can find one picture and comment every other day or so? isn't it difficult limiting one's self? perhaps a challenge? that's what i tell morgana and chanda when they are writing a report and day after day passes by and they keep reading book after book . . "summerize," i say! chanda has still not finished her eleanor of aquitaine report, though she did write a nice short one about hildegard of bingen.

    good luck with these next few weeks. write a line or two when you can. i send you a big hug. (i also will catch up with your past posts in the next day or two . . and i still have answers for comments you made last week . . ) (and . . . i never did send you the birthday gift, but it is sitting by the door waiting for me to ship it off!)

    1. Ha, I just posted a few pictures! It is weekend, there is more time. There is a German saying: In der Kürze liegt die Würze. That means when you keep it short it has more flavor. That is similar to what you said. When I have so much to do I don't feel like taking pictures or blogging. The thought of typing and uploading is really scary then, especially after having typed a lot of emails with students, etc.

      Take your time with the comments. I had to laugh when I read what you wrote about the present. I just mailed my father-in-law's birthday present. His birthday was in January! It had been sitting on my desk all this time. I also just finished mailing my last two Christmas letters. Pretty bad I think, but at least that is done now.


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