Friday, April 18, 2014

Good Friday/Karfreitag

Hot cross buns for breakfast:
Heißwecken zum Frühstück:

A new hot water heater (there goes the tax refund):
Ein neuer Boiler: 

Fish on Good Friday (Catholics over 18 are only allowed to have three meals on Good Friday, no snacks, and no meat.  Children 14 and over cannot eat meat, but may eat snacks):

Fisch am Karfreitag (Katholiken, die 18 oder älter sind, dürfen nur drei Mahlzeiten an Karfreitag essen, keine Zwischenmahlzeiten und kein Fleisch.  Kinder 14 und älter müssen nur auf Fleisch verzichten) :

Pre-Sanctified liturgy of the Lord's passion with kissing of the cross:
Karfreitagsliturgie mit Küssen des Kreuzes:

Veiled statues in churches all around (since Passion Sunday) -- I forgot to take a picture in our church today:
Verhüllte Statuen in der Kirche (schon seit dem Passionssonntag)  -- leider habe ich vergessen, unsere Kirche heute zu fotografieren:

St. Mary's, Pine Bluff

Basilica in Ottawa
Making Paskha:

Polishing shoes:
Schuhe putzen: 


  1. Tried leaving a comment yesterday and Google ate it! Your buns look like ours. We are sick again! A weird flu based virus that has had me in bed on and off since Wednesday. Pip has a terrible cough. Thank goodness the boiler has been replaced but not good about the cost.

    I will send you an email when I can to share with you what has been happening around here, for I do have to work a minimum of sixteen hours per week, on top of being sick and trying to care for a home and family!

    Hugs to you

    San xx

    1. Oh, hat when that happens and when there is no way to recover the comment. I do hope that you are feeling better today. It is Easter after all.

      I will look forward to your e-mail. Take care and love to all. Happy Easter!

  2. Gut ist der Boiler ersetzt.
    Was hat es mit dem Schuhe putzen auf sich?

    1. Oh, das war nur eine Strafe für schlechtes Aufgabenmachen. Dann gibt es halt mehr Aufgaben und die Schuhe mußten für Ostern schön sein :).

  3. Dear Eva,
    I'm sorry it's been so long since I've written; however, I have been reading your posts:) A blessed Triduum to your family! I'm so glad you got your beautiful floors in before Easter. And your hot water heater too-- oh my! That's a lot going on lately! Also, check out Diatomaceous Earth-- it is an excellent natural method for any kind of bug control. And if you buy the Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth you can drink it with water to control tummy bugs and yeast! -- Here we are a bit worn down with the continued construction next door from the flooding. I love your Good Friday traditions-- they look very similar to our own! Love and blessings! Barbara

    1. So good to hear from you. I had been wondering if your husband's health had taken a turn to the worse or something else was happening. Oh, we have Diatomaceous Earth for slugs. I didn't know it would help with ants, though. They seem to be gone in bathroom and bedroom, but today we found one in the living-room. I hope there won't be more. I always worry about Julius trying the earth though. Now I know there is a safe version.

      I didn' t know about the flooding. What happened?

      Happy Easter to the whole family!!

  4. Yes, there is always something to eat up the tax refund!!! I'm sorry the boiler ate your's. Your Easter goodies all look like fun to make and delicious to eat. We also eat fish on Good Friday: cod with mustard/butter sauce, potatoes and stewed tomatoes. However, we had roasted cauliflower/broccoli this year instead of the tomatoes (as Morgana is allergic), and a good salad.

    1. Sounds yummy! Our children always complain about cod, so I try to cook different fish.


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