Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Winter Walk/Winterspaziergang

I took Veronika to ballet today, it was cold, but good to be outside. Ich habe heute Veronika zum Ballett gebracht. Es war kalt, aber der Spaziergang hat gut getan.

Julius, our cat, came along.  Unser Kater Julius ist mitgegangen.


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    1. There is more to come, on Friday, they just issued a winter storm watch.

  2. dear julius, i hope he is doing a little better? i spoke with my healthy pet store. they suggested immunity supplements and an antifungal cream. i can stop in on saturday and get them for you if you would like to try them. just let me know.

    your winter pictures are beautiful! we've been enjoying winter weather here also! i've been happy about it :) we're on that winter storm watch! i'm hoping we don't get too much rain and actually wondering if we might be able to go sledding on saturday . . !

    1. The spot looks somewhat bigger, but he doesn't scratch is so much anymore. What kind of antifungal cream do they recommend? We are using one right now, it's for humans, though. It's called Lamisil and contains 1% terbinafine hydrochloride. What kind of supplements did they suggest (ingredients)? Would the supplements be expensive? If it's not too expensive and I can find a way to reimburse you, I would love to try them. With the antifungal cream, I guess it depends if it's different from what we have now. Thanks so much for checking! That's so kind.

      We are also supposed to get a winter storm. It was supposed to start tonight, but hasn't. They canceled the Seussical rehearsal for the second time now because of the snow.

    2. I hope you'll get enough snow to go sledding!

    3. i'll check next time i go eva. we didn't go this saturday.

    4. No hurry and, please, if it is really inconvenient for you, don't bother.


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