Friday, January 4, 2013

What to Do During Christmas Break/Was man so in den Weihnachtsferien tun kann

Marveling at the long icicles/Die langen Eiszapfen bewundern

Shredding a whole green cabbage for Mama/Einen ganzen Weißkohl für Mama in feine Streifen schneiden

Reading about Mary Cassatt/Etwas über Mary Cassatt lesen

Discussing recipes in a children's cookbook/Kochrezepte aus einem Kinderkochbuch diskutieren

Building a snow fort/Eine Schneeburg bauen

Finishing Calico Captive/Warte auf mich, Phil . . .  zu Ende lesen

Combing her horse/Ihr Pferd kämmen

Charlotte: Finishing sewing her sock dog/Charlotte: Ihren Strumpfhund zu Ende nähen

Isn't he cute?/Ist er nicht schnuckelig geworden?

"Reading" a Christmas book to Wasi/Wasi ein Weihnachtsbuch "vorlesen"

Shielding Jonathan's eyes so that he won't see Flora's birthday preparations for him/Jonathans Augen zuhalten, damit er nicht sieht, was Flora für ihn zum Geburtstag vorbereitet.


  1. My children are madly jealous of the icicles and snow fort! We've a warm-ish wet Christmas. Very dull!

    1. This is our second real snowfall. Normally we also get more than this. My parents in northern Germany also have had a warm winter so far. I wish I could send you some snow :).

  2. I love the sock dog!

    I can't let Olivia see this post; she'd go crazy if she saw the snow fort! She wants to build one so badly, but we have no snow. I promised we'd take a trip to the mountains soon...hopefully they will have enough snow to make a fort. This brings back memories of vacationing in Switzerland(at a friend's place) one year. They had so much snow that I was able to build a snow cave into the back of a tree on a hillside. So much fun! I think I was in fifth grade at the time.

    1. Oh, I do hope you'll find some snow. I think it's so sad when children grow up without experiencing snow. Where did you go in Switzerland? My relatives in the Jura mountains are also getting lots of snow these days. I wish I could send Olivia some snow.


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