Wednesday, January 16, 2013


You are probably all dying to find out what local animals the children imitated in each group. Here we go:

Wahrscheinlich fiebern alle schon der Auflösung der Tiergangarten, die die Kinder nachgeahmt haben, entgegen, also: 

  • Group 1: Diagonal Walkers: These animals walk very carefully placing down first the front foot and then the hind foot in the same spot where the front landed. Opposite limbs are moved a the same time, e.g. right front leg with left hind leg.  Examples: Deer, fox, dog, and cat
  • Gruppe 1: "Diagonale Geher": Diese Tiere platzieren erst den Vorderfuß und dann den Hinterfuß genau an die Stelle, wo der Vorderfuß kurz davor war.  Engegengesetzte Beine werden gleichzeitig bewegt, z. B. rechter Vorderfuß mit linkem Hinterfuß.  Beispiele: Hirsch, Fuchs, Hund und Katze

  • Group 2: Bounders: "They place their front feet down. In one motion, they lift their front feet up and place their hind feet down in the exact same spot where the front landed and leap forward again" (source).  Examples: Weasel, fisher, otter, and mink
  • Gruppe 2: "Hüpfer": Diese Tiere platzieren erst ihre Vorderfüße, heben dann ihre Vorderfüße hoch und platzieren ihre Hinterfüße an die gleiche Stelle, wo zuvor ihre Vorderfüße waren und hüpfen dadurch nach vorne.  Beispiele: Wiesel, Fischermarder, Otter und Nerz  

  • Group 3: Waddlers or pacers: These animals move the left front foot and hind foot at the same time, then the right front foot and hind foot.  Examples: Porcupine, opossum, raccoon, skunk, and bear 
  • Gruppe 3: "Watschler": Diese Tiere bewegen erst den linken Vorder- und Hinterfuß und dann den rechten Vorder- und Hinterfuß.  Beipiele: Stachelschwein, Beutelratte, Waschbär, Stinktier und Bär

  • Group 4: Gallopers: "Gallopers will place their smaller front feet down first and then the larger hind feet land in front as the front feet lift up" (source).  Examples: Squirrel, chipmunk, cottontail rabbit, snowshoe hare, mouse, and meadow vole
  • Gruppe 4: "Springer": Springende Tiere platzieren erst ihre kleineren Vorderfüße und dann ihre größeren Hinterfüße vor die Vorderfüße, während sie die Vorderfüße heben.  Beispiele: Eichhörnchen, Streifenhörnchen, Kaninchen (bei uns Baumwollschwanzkaninchen), Schneeschuhhase, Maus und Wühlmaus



  1. Thanks for the solution, I couldn't work them out! Mind you I was trying to watch with chaos all around me!! I'll show the videos to Benedict and see what he makes of them.

    Looks like you all had a great time

    San xx

    1. Learning to group the animals into gait patterns really helps with identifying the tracks in the snow. It was a great lesson, we really enjoy these classes with Mr. S. We've been doing them for about 10 years now.

  2. hello eva, i've been catching up on your days. happy birthday to jonathan and to you! fifteen! i remember being fifteen .. i remember enjoying being fifteen! but not sixteen ..nor seventeen .. i was happy to be eighteen and in college. oohhh, growing up! it isn't always easy! (please tell jonathan congratulations on his birthday cake! it looked delicious!)

    all the snow you had was glorious! unfortunately, we haven't had good snow. oh dear. oh well.

    everyone's schoolwork looks very good! i hope they feel pleased with their hard work. thanks for posting. it is always inspiring :)

    "i'm a little snowman" was always one of our favorites!

    it's interesting that you mention the fisher is on the rise again. for the first time this summer we heard the fisher in connecticut. it scared all of us to bits! this was the first time in . . 25? years that i heard this sound in CT.

    very interesting about the bounders, pacers, gallopers and diagonal walkers! that looked like a great field trip :)

    is your tree down now, and did you put it in your yard? i always feel so sad seeing all the christmas trees on the sidewalks here in nyc.

    we're slowly getting back into our schoolwork rhythm. it feels nice. we are still enjoying several christmas treats like hot chocolate and french chocolate balls. i also will probably make another gingerbread.

    love to you all! -dorina

    1. Jonathan says, "Thank you" for the birthday wishes. He really liked his cake and thought it was delicious.

      People say that fishers sound scary. We have never heard one. Have you seen them also?

      Our tree is still up and I still have to send away a few Christmas letters. I haven't been very good this Christmas about getting everything done in time. We also haven't finished our thank-you notes, and there is still a Christmas package coming from Germany. So I guess Christmas isn't quite over yet. :)


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