Thursday, January 31, 2013

Fourth Grade Work/Arbeit aus der vierten Klasse

Miriam has painted the land of "Pohja" from the "Kalevala." It's supposed to look cold and icy.
Miriam hat das Land "Pohja" aus der "Kalevala" gemalt. Es soll kalt und eisig aussehen. 

She is also working on a stitch sampler. Sie arbeitet auch an einem Stichmustertuch. 

And here you can see her skating all on her own. Und hier läuft sie ganz alleine Schlittschuh!


  1. ich habe heute in der erziehungskunst über den blog gelesen und musste gleich mal vorbeischauen...

    die bilder sind sehr sehr schön. ich habe die aquarelle, die meine kinder in der schule gemalt haben, im wohnzimmer aufgehängt. vielleicht stelle ich sie noch in meinen blog.

    alles gute weiterhin!

    1. Herzlich Willkommen, Sternblume, und danke für die netten Worte. Gern würde ich auch Ihren/Deinen Blog besuchen. Wie finde ich ihn?

      Liebe Grüße

  2. brava, miriam! please tell miriam that her ice skating is getting very good! also, "pohja" does indeed look very cold and icy, and her stitches are beautiful.

    i also liked peter's film very much and have been wanting to tell you both that we enjoyed your family letter. thanks for sending it. miriam's reading habits are similar to chanda's :)

    1. Oh, thank you, Dorina! I will let her know. I think it's amazing how fast she is learning. This was just her third time on the ice. She only learned riding her bike last year, so we were very surprised when she said she wanted to learn ice skating. I'll tell Peter about the film and the letter. I still need to send you a picture about where we put the birds. I'm so behind in my correspondence/email!

      I was like that also: When I found a good book, I would disappear. Jonathan only disappears with a book full of facts, but rarely a fiction book. Charlotte doesn't like to read so much, and the others are still too little to tell.

  3. p.s. happy birthday!! the hedgehogs look delicious! so cute! korrina has brought home these chocolate pocky sticks:

    i don't know if you can get them by you.

    it looked like a very fun birthday celebration. we send a big hug to miriam :)

    i see you have so much snow again! 60 degrees and then two days later a snow storm! oh my!

    1. They used to sell similar ones around here, but not anymore. We haven't been to Wegman's lately, they might still carry them. Also, we eat gluten-free, so we are always looking for ones just made out of chocolate.

      Yes, I just posted a picture of the snow. Peter didn't use his car today, too much snow! I'm getting kind of tired of it, especially after 60 degrees.

      Thanks for the birthday wishes.


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