Thursday, December 20, 2012

German Christmas Celebration/Deutsche Weihnachtsfeier

The only Waldorf school in this area has a remarkable German teacher. Every year she puts together a German Christmas celebration. This year was extra special because the students performed a Christmas play in German in addition to songs. I took a few pictures and made a few videos, but couldn't really capture it all. At the end we sang "Silent Night" in German and English. Just beautiful!

Die einzige Waldorfschule in dieser Gegend hat eine erstaunliche Deutschlehrerin. Jedes Jahr stellt sie ein langes deutsches Weihnachtsprogramm auf die Beine. Dieses Jahr gab es sogar noch ein Krippenspiel dabei. Ich habe ein paar Fotos gemacht und auch einige Videos, aber das Ganze war natürlich viel zu lang, um alles einzufangen. Am Ende haben wir "Stille Nacht" auf Deutsch und Englisch gesungen. So schön! 

 "Von drauß vom Walde komm ich her . . . "

Silent Night/Stille Nacht

We took a different route back home. We drove through lots of windmills, they were almost threatening because we were surrounded by them.

Auf dem Rückweg sind wir anders als sonst gefahren. Unser Weg ging durch viele Windmühlen, die fast bedrohlich wirkten, da sie uns auf allen Seiten umgaben.

I liked the way the sunshine looked on this hill: just on top of it.  We will get a snowstorm on Friday and Saturday.  So I guess it will be a white Christmas after all./Ich mochte den Sonnenschein oben auf dem Hügel.  Am Freitag und Samstag sollen wir einen Schneesturm bekommen.  Also wird es wohl doch weiß am Weihnachtsfest sein.  


  1. So beautiful, you were really blessed to attend such a celebration. My dear friend Dorothea has gone back to Germany as she does every year, with her grown up boys to spend it with family. Christmas for her is always Germany.

    I watched a Christmas programme last night and the inspiration was drawn from the Christmas market in Munich, one day I hope to visit there.

    We have windmills exactly the same not far from us and yes they can appear quite sinister when you are surrounded by them.

    Hope you are all OK healthwise.

    San xxxx

    1. Yes, that's how I also feel about Christmas. The German Christmas atmosphere is very different from the American Christmas spirit. Here Christmas is more like a happy party: the music is kind of upbeat and sometimes silly, everything is very colorful, the Christmas trees are full with ornaments (very Victorian), and also kind of loud. German Christmas is simpler, quieter, and more meditative I would say.

      I love the German Christmas markets: so many great crafts to see. Chicago also has a German Christmas market, but I've never been there!

      Oh, really, is wind energy very important in Great Britain?

    2. p.s. Yes, we are still okay healthwise.

  2. Yep wind energy is imp we even have them in the sea! Glad you are ok x


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