Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Grinch/Der Grinch

Winter in rural New York/Winter im ländlichen Staate New York

How the Grinch Stole Christmas!The Jungle BookTomorrow is our annual Christmas party at church.  I made a rice dish to take along to the party.  Santa Claus will also come and visit.  He is always very loud and scares the little children, but he brings each child a gift. 

We did some more work on Christmas gifts, drove to the Amish store, had ballet lessons, and Jonathan and Charlotte listened to The Jungle Book.  My husband read How the Grinch Stole Christmas! to the children.  I have to admit that I'm no fan of Dr. Seuss.  I can see that the words of his books are appealing, but I do not like the pictures at all!  This must be my German heritage.

I managed to go for a brisk walk today.  It was good to be outdoors after a week of very low temperatures.

Our cat Julius came home with a very bloody ear.  Either he was in a fight or he hurt himself somewhere.  I cleaned his ear and put some ointment on it.  Then he took a rest on Jonathan's leg while Jonathan was folding laundry. 

Morgen ist unsere alljährliche Weihnachtsfeier in der Kirche.  Ich habe einen Reissalat zum Mitnehmen gemacht.  Der amerikanische Weihnachtsmann, Santa Claus, wird auch kommen.  Er ist immer sehr laut und erschreckt die kleinen Kinder, aber bringt auch jedem Kind ein Geschenk. 

Wir haben weiterhin an unseren Weihnachtsgeschenken gearbeitet, waren im Amischeladen, hatten Ballettstunde und Jonathan und Charlotte haben sich Das Dschungelbuch auf CD weiter angehört.  Mein Mann hat dann einen amerikanischen Weihnachstklassiker hervorgeholt und den Kindern vorgelesen:  Wie der Grinch Weihnachten gestohlen hat.  Ich muß gestehen, daß ich kein Dr. Seuss Fan bin, die Texte mögen ja ganz clever und ansprechend sein, aber die Bilder mag ich überhaupt nicht.  Das muß wohl mein deutsches Erbe bewirken. 

Heute war es endlich ein wenig wärmer, so daß ich einen schönen Spaziergang gemacht habe.  Es hat gut getan, mal wieder länger draußen zu sein, nachdem es eine Woche viel zu kalt dafür war. 

Unser Kater Julius ist mit einem ganz blutigen Ohr nach Hause gekommen.  Entweder hat er wieder mit einer anderen Katze gekämpft oder er muß sich so irgendwo verletzt haben.  Ich habe sein Ohr gesäubert und mit Salbe eingerieben.  Danach hat er sich auf Jonathans Schoß ausgeruht, während Jonathan die Wäsche gefaltet hat.           

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  1. your kitty is so sweet. i hope he is all better now.

    i agree with your about dr. seuss' drawings. i'm used to them, having grown up with them, but they are a little too harsh for me. however, i love his story poems. actually, have you read _mcelligott's pool_? the drawings in this story are a little more detailed, and i like that about the book. it's my favorite, and i've read it over and over again with the girls . . well, we used to read it over and over! they used to be able to recite parts of it.

    your winter photo is beautiful! have fun at your church christmas party.

  2. Poor Julius I hope he's on the mend soon, hypericum is meant to be good for those types of cuts if I remember rightly?

    Benedict's been reading the Grinch book, his big sister Sara entered a Grinch competition when she was eight, it was the time when the Cary film was released, she won and we still have the Grinch fleece hooded top as a memento. I ought to dig out for Benedict!!

    Hope the party goes well
    San xx

  3. Dr. Suess books used to scare me as a child. The pictures always reminded me of nightmares.

    You won't believe this but our cat came home a few days ago with a bloody ear as well! He definitely got in a fight, and he has a big scratch on his nose. He came in the house shaking his head and got blood everywhere. I had to take him outside to clean him up. Oddly it happened during the day. He usually gets into scuffles with other cats at night.

  4. Hello Dorina, I have to find the book you mentioned in the library. I'm not familiar with it. I read that Dr. Seuss had no children, maybe that's why his pictures are the way they are.

  5. Hello San, I'm not familiar with hypericum, I used "Wound-Care" from Weleda -- it's actually for people. It's very difficult to give Julius homeopathic remedies. One of our vets uses them and we've used some for him, but he doesn't like to take them.

    Maybe Benedict would enjoy the costume. We have a litte Grinch doll Jonathan always gets out for Christmas -- although he was scared of the doll when he was little.

  6. Hello Alexandra, I sympathize with you. I do think the pictures can be scary for a child. As I told Dorina, I read that Dr. Seuss didn't have any children. Maybe that explains his pictures.

    What a coincidence that your cat got into the same situation as Julius. I think Julius probably just tried to squeeze under a fence and badly sratched his ear. I didn't see any other fight marks on him (he used to fight a lot when he was really little). He's all better now and back to his outdoor adventures.

  7. I love his name! I'll have to post pictures of our kitty cat soon. He's a gray tabby. His nemesis in the neighborhood is like your cat, an orange tabby(giggle). I keep hoping they will come to some sort of agreement as to territory, or whatever they fight about.

  8. Thank you, Alexandra! You know, his name is actually Julius Lars Virgil Thorpes (that's what the children decided on). I hope I got them in the right order. (I'll check with the children tomorrow morning). We got him for free from our CSA. Almost everybody has a cat here, so there are lots of fights going on. I would love to see a picture of your cat. Julius is very sweet, he likes to go for walks with us and waits for us to return when we leave his territory during our walks.


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