Saturday, December 18, 2010

Bethmännchen and Christmas Chocolate Bark/Bethmännchen und Weihnachtsschokolade

We started baking for Christmas today.  The first treat we made was Christmas Chocolate Bark, a special dark chocolate with pistachios and dried cranberries.  We changed the recipes a little bit, instead of adding coarse sea salt as the last step, we added 1/4 tsp of Real Salt to the melted chocolate.

Our second recipe is a German one called Bethmännchen.  Here is a recipe in English; however, I used one I found in an American-German newspaper, which is similar.  The children all helped and are so excited that Christmas is getting closer and closer.

Heute haben wir mit dem Weihnachstbacken angefangen.  Zuerst haben wir Weihnachtsschokolade gemacht, eine besondere dunkle Schokolade mit Pistazien und getrockneten Preiselbeeren.  Wir haben das Rezept ein wenig geändert, anstelle des groben Meersalzes am Ende haben wir in die geschmolzene Schokolade 1/4 Teelöffel Meersalz gerührt.

Unser zweites Rezept waren Bethmännchen.  Unser Rezept stammt aus einer amerikanischen-deutschen Zeitung, aber ist dem aus Marions Kochbuch ähnlich.  Die Kinder haben natürlich alle geholfen und sind so aufgeregt, weil Weihnachten immer näher rückt.     

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  1. hello eva, these recipes look so good! i'd like to try them. (maybe if we run out of goodies, we'll make them for ephiphany. the german christmas cookies are very similar to italian pignoli cookies, with the addition of marzipan and rosewater. they sound scrumptious!) last night i made gingerbread cookies and french chocolates (my mom's recipe for the former, and an old recipe from my 8th grade french club for the latter). chanda is finishing up some handwriting and violin practice, and then we will make peppermint bark. i also hope to make almond biscotti. we've been so busy . . but made time to get our tree today. it was a fun outing to connecticut (!). i'll post about it later today. happy fourth sunday of advent! we're all very excited that it is christmas time, and we're all enjoying the christmas preparations.

  2. Danke für die Rezepte. Ich muss sie mir gleich anschauen. Morgen fangen wir auch mit dem "Güetzi" (= Kekse) backen an.

    Die Waldorfweihnachtsfeier schaut spannend aus.

    Habt ihr schon einen Weihnachtsbaum?

  3. Hallo C.,

    die beiden Rezepte sind echt lecker, ich habe schon genascht. Unseren Baum kaufen wir erst am Donnerstag.

  4. Das ist lustig. Wir kaufen unseren auch erst am Donnerstag.
    Lecker, mmh, ich glaub ich sollte ins Bett, sonst muss ich noch was essen, läuft mir nämlich schon das Wasser im Munde.

  5. Hello Dorina, you've been busy in the kitchen! I never manage more than two kinds of goodies on the same day and keep everybody happy. We still want to bake more -- we'll see how it goes. I have to look up Pignoli, I'm not familiar with them. Why did you go to CT to get a tree? Is it more fun or cheaper or ? Enjoy all your preparations. I still have to think about our Christmas dinner . . .

  6. Die Kekse haben wir noch nicht gebacken (wir hatten nicht alle Zutaten)dafür gab es heute leckere Zimtsterne.

  7. hi eva, last year was our first year getting a tree in connecticut. we mainly do so as it's fresher and lasts longer, and is a little less than what we would pay in the city (except for the gas). we also so enjoy getting out in the air, seeing the trees, picking one out, giving thanks for it's beauty outside and appreciating it in our apartment.

    i need to think about christmas dinner also!

    this is the pignoli cookie recipe that looks most like my dad's:

  8. C., Zimtsterne wollen wir auch noch machen.

  9. Hello Dorina,

    Your tree is lovely, so nice and "fat" and round!

    I looked at the pignoli recipe, which indeed looks similar save the pine nuts.

    I finished my food planning. My husband will do the grocery shopping tomorrow.


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