Monday, December 27, 2010

A Cat's Christmas/Weihnachten einer Katze

Not just children and adults are enjoying the twelve days of Christmas.  Our cat Julius loves his new sleeping place.

Nicht nur Kinder und Erwachsene genießen die zwölf Weihnachtstage.  Unser Kater Julius schätzt seinen neuen Schlafplatz sehr!

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  1. Our cat Holly (yes she was a Christmas born cat!) used to love sitting under the tree. She was as old as Sara our youngest of the oldest girls, but sadly she was very poorly before Pip's baptism and died. She was 19 years old in human terms and my Dad reckoned that made her over 100 in cat age!

    San x

  2. hello eva, yes, our xena really loves being under the tree also!

  3. What an old cat, San. Do you know the book "The Cat Who Came for Christmas"? Would you like to have a new cat?

  4. Dorina, maybe the tree provides a feeling of security. My parent's cat never liked the tree. She just tried to take the ornaments off and eat the tinsel!


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